Requisitioned Auxiliary – Alexander










Previous name:                     ST ALEXANDRE NEVSKY   HMS ALEXANDER

Subsequent name:               LENIN   VLADIMIR ILYICH LENIN


Class:                                       Icebreaker


Pennant No:                            N.N3 / N.9A

Laid down:                              June 1916

Builder:                                    Sir W.G. Armstrong, Whitworth & Co Ltd, Walker-on-Tyne

Launched:                               23 December 1916

Into Service:                            1918

Out of service:                        1921

Fate:                                         1977 broken up


Items of historic interest involving this ship: –


Background Data: She was one of two icebreakers, one being built while the other had already been delivered, for the Russians which were seized by the British during the Russian Revolution.  Both were however returned to their rightful owners at a later stage under a Trade Agreement



June 1916 Laid down.

23 December 1916  launched by Sir W.G. Armstrong, Whitworth & Co Ltd, Walker-on-Tyne as Yard Nr  905 named ST ALEXANDRE NEVSKY.

June 1917 seized before completion.

September 1917 commissioned as HMS ALEXANDER

1918 – 1919  took part in the Allied Intervention against the Bolsheviks.

10 July 1918  came face to face with the heavily-armed SVIATOGOR on the North Dvina River at  Archangel, but conflict was avoided.

1 November 1919  pennant Nr changed.

1921 returned to the Russian Government

1923 renamed LENIN after the leader of the Bolsheviks during the Russian Revolution

1937 trapped in ice. She and her convoy of five ships spent an enforced winter in the Laptev Sea. They were finally rescued by icebreaker Krasin in August 1938

August 1938 was rescued by the icebreaker KRASIN

23 February 1944 sailed Archangel in Convoy BK 854

28 February 1944 convoy BK 854 arrived Murmansk

23 April 1944 sailed Archangel in Convoy BK 1254

27 April 1944 convoy BK 1254 arrived Murmansk


April 1968 hulked.

1977 broken up in Russia