And then the Second Mate shot an AB


On 11 January 1952 RFA War Hindoo was along side in Singapore Naval Base with HMS Comus berthed outboard of her. The Royal Naval ships crew had to cross the deck of the RFA to gain access to their ship. On one particular evening some of the RN crew were coming back to their ship (no doubt after a few wets) and were not particularly quiet while crossing over the deck of the War Hindoo.


RFA War Hindoo



HMS Comus

Second Officer Anthony John de Courcy Harrison objected to the noise and told Royal Navy Able Seaman George Daw to be quiet. He later claimed that he believed that Daw and two other Royal Naval crew members were going to assault him so he drew a .32 Colt automatic and shot AB Daw.

The story was explained at Singapore Second District Court on the 18 February when 2nd Officer Harrison was convicted of causing grievous hurt to AB Daw. He was fined $250 or four months imprisonment.

© The Straits Times 19 February 1952