Op Corporate Losses


A total of 907 men and women were killed during the 74 days of the conflict:


United Kingdom – 255


Royal Navy – 88

Royal Marines – 27

Royal Fleet Auxiliary – 10

Merchant Navy – 6

British Army – 123

Royal Air Force – 1


Falklands Islands – 3  


British Civilian Islanders – 3 women killed by friendly fire



Argentina – 649


Ejército Argentino (Army) – 194

Armada de la República Argentina (Navy) – 341

IMARA (Marines) – 34

Fuerza Aérea Argentina (Air Force) – 55

Gendarmería Nacional Argentina (Border Guard) – 7

Prefectura Naval Argentina (Coast Guard) – 2

Civilian sailors – 16

ARG Cemetery San Carlos

The Argentinian Cemetery at San Carlos
© Ruben Oscar Moro acknowledged


Two other British deaths may be attributed to Operation Corporate, bringing the British total to 257 and the total of 909:


Captain Brian Biddick from HMHS Uganda underwent an emergency operation on the voyage to the Falklands; he was repatriated by an RAF medical flight to the hospital at Wroughton where he died on 12 May 1982 

Paul Mills from HMS Coventry suffered from complications from a skull fracture sustained in the sinking of his ship and died on 29 March 1983




Those members of the Royal Fleet Auxiliary who were killed were: –


Chan Chi Shing                                  Laundryman                            SS Atlantic Conveyor

Christopher Francis Hailwood            3rd Engineer Officer                 RFA Sir Galahad

Paul Anderson Henry GM                     2nd Engineer Officer                RFA Sir Galahad

Ronald Hoole                                      1st Radio Officer                    SS Atlantic Conveyor

Leung Chau                                            Electrical Fitter                        RFA Sir Galahad

Andrew John Morris                               3rd Engineer Officer               RFA Sir Galahad

Ng Po                                                   Laundryman                           SS Atlantic Conveyor

Sung Yuk Fai                                           Butcher                                    RFA Sir Galahad

Yeung Shui Kam                                     Sailor                                       RFA Sir Tristram

Yu Sik Chee                                             Bosun                                      RFA Sir Tristram


Those members of the RFA who were killed are remembered with pride on the RFA Falklands Memorial at Marchwood









The Memorial Chapel at Pangbourne College, Berkshire maintains a register of those members of the British Forces who were killed


Pangbourne RoH

Pangbourne RoH Cover

Pangbourne RoH Title Page

Above 3 images kindly donated by  Terry Hissey


The National Memorial to those British Forces who were killed is in the crypt of St. Paul’s Cathedral, London. This Memorial was unveiled by Her Majesty the Queen during a Service of Dedication on the 14 June 1985