Pacific Star

Pacific Star

Pacific StarThe Pacific Star was awarded for operational service in the Pacific theatre between the 8th December 1941 and the 2nd September 1945, and also for certain specified service in China, Hong Kong, Malaya and Sumatra.

Hong Kong between the 8th December 1941 to the 25th December 1941.

China and Malaya between the 8th December 1941 and the 15th February 1942.

Sumatra between the 8th December 1941 and the 23rd March 1942.

The qualifying sea area for award of the Pacific Star, are the Pacific Ocean (including the South China Sea), the Indian Ocean east of a line running due South from Singapore, round the South East coast of Sumatra, through Christmas Island and Southwards along the line of 110 degrees East.

The medal was awarded immediately to anyone killed or wounded in action.

Clasps: BURMA awarded to those who also qualified for the Burma Star.

Note: When the ribbon was worn alone, a silver rosette is worn to denote the award of the clasp.