Requisitioned Auxiliary – Albert L Ellsworth



From the Bjørn Pedersen collection


Built By:                Gotaverken A/B, Gothenburg        

Completed             1937

Owner:                  Skibs A/S, Alse.

Tonnage:               8309 grt, 4987 nett



In Admiralty Service (Requisitioned Auxiliary) from 1941


2 June 1942 sailed Boston in escorted convoy BX22 for Halifax arriving 4 June 1942 with a cargo of FFO

9 June sailed Halifax to Sydney CB arriving 11 June 1942

Was in convoy TM.1 on passage from Trinidad to Gibraltar, with a cargo of FFO from Curaçao, she was attacked at 22.37 hrs on 8th January 1943 in position 27º 59’ N  28º 50’ W by U 436 (Kapitan Luitenant Gunther Seibicke).

The U Boat fired a spread of three torpedoes, two hit the Oltenia II and one hit the Albert L Ellsworth, the crew quickly abandoned ship which was ablaze from stem to stern, and were picked up by HMS Havelock.

The ship did not sink immediately and the wreck was shelled and sunk the next day by U 436.

There were no reported casualties in the crew of 32 Norwegian, 10 British and 1 Swedish seamen.