Requisitioned Auxiliary – Earnholm




Official Number:                       68107

Builder:                                  A & J Inglis Ltd., Pointhouse, Glasgow                                                             

Pennant No:                            Y 3.1972

Launched:                              12 March 1874

Into Service:                           8 January 1918

Out of service:                        25 May 1918

Fate:                                     Foundered 5 January 1919


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Background Data:  One of a group of additional ships requisitioned by the Admiralty to augument the RFA during WW1

Career Data:


12 March 1874 launched by A & J Inglis Ltd., Pointhouse, Glasgow as Yard Nr: 109 named Earnholm for Hugh McPhail & Co. Glasgow

May 1874 completed as a coastal passenger / cargo steamer

30 June 1875 as the result of an accident on board Mr Dugald Patterson, the Chief Engineer Officer discharged dead

1878 owner now Robert E Graves, Liverpool – name unchanged

1882 owners now Aberdeen, Leith & Moray Firth Steam Shipping Co Ltd., (J Crombie & Sons, Managers) Aberdeen – name unchanged

1887 re-engined

17 October 1892 arrived at Leith

29 April 1893 at Aberdeen Dock Ordinary Seaman George Thomason, aged 16 discharged dead – drowned – was last seen onboard washing down paint. His body was recovered from the Docks on 5 May 1893

22 December 1911 grounded when entering Aberdeen Harbour in fog. Floated off the next day

4 July 1912 arrived Leith

18 October 1912 at Aberdeen with defective engines

29 October 1912 sank after a collision at Invergordon but was raised, repaired and re-entered service – name unchanged

10 May 1913 when sailing from Aberdeen Harbour for Inverness with a general cargo was in collision with the dock wall causing damage to the ships stem. Water entered the hold. The ship returned to her berth, discharged her cargo and arrangements were made for her to be dry docked

30 May 1914 arrived at Leith

25 November 1914 sailed Inverness for Aberdeen

1915 owners now M Langlands & Sons, Aberdeen – name unchanged

1916 owners now Stornoway Shipping Co Ltd., Stornoway – name unchanged

8 January 1918 requisitioned for Admiralty service as a collier – name unchanged – until 18 January 1918

19 January 1918 re-deployed as a collier carrying Great Western Railway Co produce until discharged by the Home Trade Branch on 25 August 1918

5 January 1919 foundered 17 miles S Okratag, Faroe Islands when on passage from Vaag to Aberdeen carrying salted fish