Requisitioned Auxiliary – Esso Rochester


 Esso Rochester


Official Number:                     N/R

Builder:                                 Sun Shipbuilding & Dry Dock Co, Chester, Pa

Pennant No:                   

Launched:                              9 January 1943

Into Service:                           WW2

Out of service:                        1946

Fate:                                     June, 1966 broken up

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Background Data:  One of an additional group of ships requisitioned by the Admiralty during WW2 to augment the ships of the RFA

Career Data:


9 January 1943 launched by Sun Shipbuilding & Dry Dock Co, Chester, Pa as Yard Nr 213 named ESSO ROCHESTER
for Standard Oil Co of New Jersey, New York

January 1943 completed and time-chartered to U.S. WSA name unchanged

WW2 fitted as and served as an Escort Oiler, name unchanged

2 February 1943 sailed from Philadelphia independently to Baytown arriving 8 February 1943

11 February 1943 sailed Houston independently to New York arriving 17 February 1943

19 February 1943 sailed New York in Convoy NK524 to Key West and then independently to Texas City arriving 25
February 1943
27 February 1943 sailed Texas City independently to New York arriving 5 March 1943
11 March 1943 sailed New York independently to Aruba arriving 16 March 1943
20 March 1943 sailed Aruba in convoy OT3/1 to Casablanca arriving 2 April 1943
19 April 1943 sailed Casablanca in convoy GUF7 as Escort Oiler to Aruba arriving 30 April 1943

WW2 fitted as and served as an Escort Oiler, name unchanged

9 July 1944 sailed Fremantle to Addu Atoll in company with HMAS’s CAIRNS, WOLLONGONG and NORMAN

14 July 1944 refuelled at sea HMAS’s CAIRNS, WOLLONGONG and NORMAN

22 December 1944 the US Operating Base, Bermuda reported that the ship was overdue and caused box searches to
be made looking for her without a positive result

1946 returned to her owners

1950 owners became Esso Shipping Co, New York name unchanged

30 November 1950 while on passage from Montreal to Aruba in ballast, she broke in two in position 49.25 N 65.50 W
in the Gulf of St Lawrence in bad weather and was abandoned. Both parts were towed into port but the forepart
was subsequently lost by stranding after being cut adrift in a gale while being towed to Halifax
April 1951 the aft part was towed to Newport News where a new forebody was joined to it and she re-entered

June 1966 arrived Onomichi for demolition by Japanese breakers