Requisitioned Auxiliary – Thorshavet

Thorshavet - Narve Sorensen



Thorshavet - Narve Sorensen


Built By: Deutschewerft AG, Hamburg    Completed: 1938

Tonnage: 11,015 grt, 6602 nett, 16,150 dwt

Length: 508.1 feet

Beam: 69.2 feet

Draught: 36.5 feet

Machinery: 7 cylinder diesel engines by Machinenfabrik, Augsburg.

In Admiralty Service (Royal Fleet Auxiliary) from 1940

The ship left Trinidad on the 2nd November 1942 in convoy TAG.18 bound for UK via New York, with a cargo of 15,000 tons of fuel oil.

On the 3rd November whilst in position 12º 16’ N  64º 06 W, the ship was torpedoed by U 160, the torpedo struck in the engine room and was followed by a second shortly afterwards.

The crew abandoned ship in 4 lifeboats, the ship remained afloat and a dawn the next day, the crew re-boarded to search for 3 missing crew members.  The 3rd Engineer was found floating face down in the engine room, but the other 2 men were never found.  The survivors were picked up by a Destroyer that afternoon and landed at Curacao the following evening.

Of the 34 Norwegian, 8 British, 1 Irish, 1 Danish, 1 Canadian and 1 Spanish seamen the 3rd engineer and two others were lost.