RFA Aberfoyle


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Official No:                            121359

Builder:                         Philip & Son Ltd., Dartmouth


Class:                            Medway Ferry   

Pennant No:                         

Into Service:                  20 April 1921

Out of service:                22 September 1927

Fate:                              22 September 1927 Registry Closed


Items of historic interest involving this ship: –


Background Data:  A member of the Fleet Steamer Service – a passenger ferry operating in the Chatham/Medway area

Career Data:

1912 completed by Philip & Son Ltd., Dartmouth and registered at Londonderry as The Aberfoyle. Had a BoT certificate for 407 passengers (in smooth water conditions)

22 October 1912 the Londonderry Sentinel reported –


Aberfoyle Press Cutting 1912


1 November 1912 joint owners recorded as John McFarland of Londonderry, a contractor and Basil Alexander Talbot McFarland of Londonderrya student

31 December 1914 the Londonderry Sentinel reported –


derry Sentinel 31 12 14 Aberfoyle


30 September 1920 bill of sale records show the ship was purchased by HM Government and it would appear that ‘The’ was dropped from her name

3 October 1920 when on passage from Londonderry to London had to enter Dublin Dockyard due to very bad weather – reported in the Dublin Evening Telegraph

4 October 1920 at Dubblin Dockyard underwent repairs to her engines for damage sustained in the very bad weather

22 February 1921 underwent an inclinling (stability) experiment in No: 2 basin, HM Dockyard, Chatham. however, it appears that the constructor was instructed to cancel the exercise.

20 April 1921 registered owner His Majesty represented by the Commissioners for executing the Office of Lord High Admiral of the United Kingdom with the Secretary of the Admiralty, Whitehall, SW1 designated as Managing Owner

2 November 1925 the Times Newspaper reported –


Aberfoyle Times 2 11 1925


8 March 1927 in Haslar Creek, Gosport

14 March 1927 in Haslar Creek, Gosport

23 March 1927 alongside in No: 2 Basin, Portsmouth Dockyard

19 May 1927 in Haslar Creek, Gosport

20 July 1927 in Haslar Creek, Gosport

17 August 1927 in Reserve with submarines of the Fifth Submarine Flotilla in Haslar Creek

22 September 1927 registry closed

1 January 1929 in Reserve with HMS/m L6, L11, L12 & L14 (all part of the Fifth Submarine Flotilla) in Haslar Creek

18 February 1929 in Reserve with HMS/m L6 & L12 (both part of the Fifth Submarine Flotilla) in Haslar Creek

29 April, 1929 in Reserve with HMS/m L4, L5, L6, L11 & L12 (all part of the Fifth Submarine Flotilla) in Haslar Creek

18 June 1929 in Dry Dock No: 1 in Portsmouth Dockyard

20 August 1929 in reserve with HMS/m L11 (part of the Fifth Submarine Flotilla) in Haslar Creek

2 January 1931 laid up in Haslar Creek

17 April 1931 laid up in Haslar Creek

30 October 1931 laid up in Haslar Creek

5 December 1931 laid up in Haslar Creek

September 1939 to December 1945 described as a ‘Special Service Vessel’ and as a tender to HMS DOLPHIN