RFA C642

RFA C642

RFA C642


RFA C642 in Admiralty Service




RFA 642 after being sold out of Service renamed ‘Clanity’ and converted to a tanker 


Subsequent name:                  CLANITY

Official Number                       181548

Class:                                      Coal lighter

Pennant No:                             X126 / A201

Laid down:
Builder:                                    Yarwood, Northwich
Launched:                                2 July 1946
Into Service:                             December 1946
Out of service:                          Sold out of service  
Fate:                                         Broken up     


Items of historic interest involving this ship: –


Background Data:   Naval Stores harbour craft were usually allocated a number bearing the prefix C. This descended from the days when the Coaling Officer operated the fuelling craft and many of these craft were operated by the Naval Stores Department under the Director of Stores (Navy) C numbers were allocated to craft such as dumb barges, coal lighters, dumb coal lighters, self-propelled diesel lighters, self-propelled stores lighters, launches and tugs of which a number were registered as RFA’s and wore the ‘green stripe’ that indicated the Naval Stores Department


2 July 1945  launched by W. J. Yarwood & Sons (1938) Ltd., Northwich as Yard Nr: 774 named C 642 for the Naval Stores Department

December 1946 completed

11 January 1947 Mr W J Robinson RFA appointed as Chief Engineer Officer

18 January 1947 Captain F T Cooke RFA appointed as Master

31 August 1947 arrived the River Tyne from Chatham

26 April 1948 sailed the Tyne for Portsmouth

12 June 1948 sailed the Tyne for Devonport

13 July 1948 sailed from Dunston on the the River Tyne for Devonport

11 August 1948 Captain Frank Ashcroft RFA appointed as Master

2 June 1949 arrived at Blyth from Chatham

20 June 1949 sailed the Tyne for Chatham

30 August 1949 sailed Blyth

8 September 1949 arrived the River Tyne from Chatham berthing at Dunston where RFA FORT DUNVEGAN was already berthed

29 October 1949 arrived the River Tyne from Sheerness

1 November 1949 sailed the Tyne for Chatham

26 November 1949 sailed Blythe for Chatham

1956 on the disposal list at Sheerness

C85 plus others 14 3 56 for sale


May 1956 sold to F.T.Everard & Sons Ltd and the name was changed to CLANITY

5 July 1956 notice of change of name given in The Times of this day to ‘Clanity’


Change of Name 5 7 1956


1958 converted into a tanker and to oil fuel burning with tonnages now 495 grt  224 nrt   600 dwt and dimensions now 171’06” x 28’03” x 10’04½

13 February 1968 while berthed at the Dunglass Oil Terminal at Old Kilpatrick, River Clyde was struck by the tanker Esso Milford Haven causing damage to an empty tank on the CLANITY

September 1969 sold for demolition by Scrappingco S.A.at Antwerp

11 September 1969 breaking up at Antwerp began