RFA Darkdale Convoys

RFA Darkdale (Dale Class Oiler) 1940

Convoy                 Depart                           Arrive

OB.246   Clyde 21st November 1940 – Convoy dispersed
                (Darkdale arrived Curacao on the 11th December)

BHX.104  Bermuda 21st January 1941 – Belfast Lough 8th February 1941
On the 22nd November 1941, whilst at anchor in Jamestown Harbour, St Helena, Darkdale was torpedoed by U 68, Commanded by Korvettan Kapitan Friedrich Merten.  All but six of the crew were lost on this ship which was struck at around 01:42 hrs, the Captain and Chief Engineer were dining with the Garrison Commander, two members of crew were in the local hospital and two others were ashore at the time.  The ship exploded, sending fireballs hundreds of feet into the air, illuminating Jamestown.  The war Memorial in Jamestown commemorates all 41 of the crew who lost their lives.