RFA Dingledale Convoys

RFA Dingledale (Dale Class Oiler) 1941

Convoy                 Depart                         Arrive

ON.17     Liverpool 17th September 1941 – Convoy dispersed
                (Ship joined from the Clyde on 18th September)

KMS.3G  Clyde 8th November 1942 – Bone 26th November 1942
                (Ship joined at sea, bound for Algiers)

MKS.3X   Bone 3rd December 1942 – Liverpool 19th December 1942
                 (Joined from Algiers, on passage to Oran)

MKS.12   Bone 22nd April 1943 – Rendezvoused with SL.128 4th May 1943
SL.128/MKS.12  Rendezvous of SL.128 with MKS.12 4th May 1943 –Liverpool 14th May 1943

OS.51/KMS.20  Liverpool 4th July 1943 – Convoy split 13th July 1943
                 (Dingledale acted as Escort Oiler to Freetown)

ST.73       Freetown 25th July 1943 – Takoradi 28th July 1943

LM.2        Lagos 1st August 1943 – Takoradi 2nd August 1943

LGW.1     Lagos 2nd September 1943 – Takoradi 4th September 1943

SL.153    Freetown 22nd March 1944 – Rendezvoused with MKS.44 2nd April 1944
                (Ship to Bathurst, arriving 25th March)

OS.73      ex OS.73/KMS.47 16th April 1944 – Freetown 25th April 1944
                 (Dingledale joined this convoy from Dakar)

SL.170     Freetown 8th September 1944 – Rendezvoused with MKS.61 18th September 1944
                 (Carrying 7 passengers and mail from Dakar to the UK)

ON.277    Southend 7th January 1945 – New York City 23rd January 1945
                 (Joined from Belfast Lough for Curacao)