RFA Empire Salvage



Papendrecht 01

RFA Empire Salvage after WW2 as ss Papendrecht


RFA Empire Salvage was a German supply ship named Lothringen which had been deployed in the Atlantic Ocean with oiling at sea equipment and with a German Mercantile Marine crew and 46 German Naval officers and rating


On 15 June 1941 after suffering slight damage by aircraft from the aircraft carrier HMS EAGLE, she was captured intact in position 19°49N 30°30W, NW of the Cape Verde Islands, by the cruiser HMS DUNEDIN in Operation Salvage.  She was taken to Bermuda by a Prize Crew (under the command of Lieutenant R. Beveridge, Royal Navy. The German Chief Officer, three other officers and 19 German ratings remained onboard to work the ship) and her cargo was taken as a prize. The status of the ship was left in abeyance until the cessation of  hostilities and she was temporarily registered in Hamilton and  was renamed EMPIRE SALVAGE

Empire Salvage became RFA Empire Salvage and was based at St John’s, Newfoundland as part of the Newfoundland Force

On 19 December 1942 the Flag Officer, Newfoundland Force wrote to the Secretary of the Admiralty – “It is desired to place on record for the information of Their Lordships the excellent services rendered by the Master and ship’s company of RFA Empire Salvage for their stay of six and one half months in the port. During this period no less than 638 ships have been refuelled and due to the efficiency of the organisation in the ship, not one at any time has been delayed. The Master has at all times been most willing and co-operative”  signed Commodore