RFA Fleet through the ages

RFA Ships

The Royal Fleet Auxiliary (RFA) is a civilian-manned fleet of the UK’s Ministry of Defence which has and does enable ships of the Royal Navy to maintain their tasking around the world both in peace and war. The RFA’s primary role is to supply the Royal Navy with fuel, water, ammunition and supplies but over the years it has also included repair ships, salvage ships, hospital ships, and amphibious assault vessels amongst its assets.

Other Ministry of Defence vessels, for example, ocean going, harbour and rescue tugs, have served under RFA agreements either for single voyages or on a more permanent basis.

The details of ships of the RFA fleet together with items of historical interest are shown via the links below. These details are far from complete and as more information becomes available the material will be added.

If any reader has additional information or documents concerning any of the ships listed, or indeed the men who have served on them, then the Editor would be very pleased to receive this information for consideration to publish on the individual ships ‘cards’.