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Previous name:                          Fleetwood,   Commissioner
Subsequent name: 

Official Number:                         207346                                                                         

Class:                                       Mooring / Salvage Vessel

Pennant No:                              X 19 / X 30

Laid down:                                1910
Builder:                                     Staten Island, Port Richmond
Launched:                                 April 1910
Into Service:                              1915
Out of service:                           1922
Fate:                                         Broken up


Items of historic interest involving this ship: – 


1910 launched  by Staten Island, Port Richmond as Yard Nr  502 named FLEETWOOD for M.P. Smith & Sons Co, New York for service as a floating crane

April 1910 completed

1912 sold to Merritt & Chapman and renamed Commissioner

1915 purchased by the Admiralty for Boom Defence duties at Scapa Flow along with BULLFROG and FIDGET and renamed HOLDFAST. Deployed on Boom Defence duties at Scapa Flow

11 July 1916 Lieutenant Alexander C Inglis RNR appointed in command 

15 April 1918 Engineer Lieutenant Ernest Stainthorp RNR appointed as Chief Engineer Officer

1918 Boom Defence duties ended

11 February 1921 arrived at Sheerness from Belgium

19 April 1922 the Admiralty handed the ship over to the Ministry of Munitions of War Disposal & Liquidation Commission for disposal (MUN4/5902)

March 1923 broken up by Carriden Ship Brk Co., Bo‘Ness