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Official Number:                         133139                                                                        

Class:                                       INNIS CLASS Water Carrier

Pennant No:

Laid down:
Builder:                                    A Jeffrey & Co, Alloa

Launched:                                14 June 1913

Into Service:                              2 October 1915

Out of service:                           weekending 13 March 1920
Fate:                                        10 January 1921 wrecked & sunk


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Background Data:   There was originally a Class of 18 vessels with the INNIS prefix to their names, and the first 12 vessels were ordered in 1912, followed shortly afterwards by orders for a further 6 vessels. Only 6 of the Class  saw Admiralty service as Water Carriers during WW1


14 June 1913 launched by A. Jeffrey & Co, Alloa as Yard Nr 8 named  INNISJURA for Coasting  Motor Shipping Co Ltd (John M. Paton, Manager) Glasgow

6 August 1913 registered at Glasgow as INNISJURA and entered as 60/13 in the Registry

14 August 1913 sailed from Burntisland

15 August 1913 arrived at Granton from Burntisland with a cargo of coal when on passage to Fraserborough

3 September 1913 sailed West Wemyss for Peterhead with a cargo of coal

2 October 1915 purchased by the Admiralty for service as a Water Carrier, name unchanged

29 November 1915 the Director of Transport allocated this ship to Scapa Flow with a Master, a mate, two enginemen and three deckhands

16 June 1919 at Rosyth alongside HMS CASTOR refuelling her


HMS Castor



week ending 13 March 1920 purchased by Renhold J. Frisk, Cardiff – name unchanged

28 April 1920 owner became Mizel Shipping Co Ltd (Harold Davies & Renhold J. Frisk Managers) Cardiff name unchanged

1 July 1920 arrived at Burntisland from Grangemouth in ballast

6 July 1920 while on passage from Burntisland to Aberdeen put into Dundee with engine trouble

11 July 1920 sailed Aberdeen for Middlesborough

17 August 1920 sailed Grangemouth for Dysart

2 September 1920 berthed at Aberdeen

7 October 1920 sailed Aberdeen for Leith

10 January 1921 wrecked in a gale at the entrance to Lochbroom whilst on passage from Lochbroom to Glasgow with a cargo of timber. The crew escaped in a boat and landed at Ullapool

13 January 1921 the Aberdeen Journal reported –


 Press Report Innisjura 

21 January 1921 the Scotsman newspaper reported –


 Scotsman 21 Jan 1921 Innisjura


18 February 1921 register closed

1991 wreck rediscovered by recreational divers at 57 56.32N 5 12.21W at about 35m