RFA Montenol Convoys

RFA Montenol (2nd 2,000 ton Class Oiler) 1917

Convoy                 Depart                                             Arrive

WN.13      Clyde 5th September 1940 – Methil 8th September 1940

ON.58      Liverpool 20th January 1942 – Freetown (no date available)
                 (Ship returned)

OS.28      Liverpool 12th May 1942 – Freetown 30th May 1942

On the 21st May 1942, whilst travelling in ballast, the ship was torpedoed by U 159, commanded by Korvettan Kapitan Helmut Witte in position 36 41’N  22 45’ W.  It is reported that U159 attacked the convoy, firing a spread of four torpedoes at five ships, however official records show that only two were hit, RFA Montenol and the New Brunswick.

Montenol was badly damaged in the attack and abandoned by her crew who were picked up by HMS Wellington and landed at Freetown.  The ship was later sunk by gunfire from HMS Woodruff.