RFA Oyster


Previous name: 
Subsequent name:                                                                           


Official No:                                  146683                                    

Pennant No:                                X3     

Laid down:                             
Builder:                                       Ropner & Son Ltd., Stockton-on-Tees
Launched:                                   29 June 1915
Into Service:                          
Out of service:                             February 1922
Fate:                                          Sunk 23 November 1928



Items of historic interest involving this ship: –


29 June 1915 launched by Ropner & Son Ltd., Stockton-on-Tees Yard No: 514 as a lighter

1916/1917 converted to a tanker and renamed OYSTER

26 August 1918 at Rosyth alongside HMS TORCH refuelling her with 11 tons of FFO

8 September 1918 at Queensferry alongside HMS SPARROWHAWK refuelling her with 17 tons of FFO

13 September 1918 at Rosyth alongside HMS TORCH refuelling her with 16 tons of FFO

16 September 1918 alongside HMS TORCH refuelling her with 14 tons of FFO

8 October 1918 at Rosyth alongside HMS TALBOT refuelling her with 40 tons of FFO and then HMS TORCH who was refuelled with 40 tons of FFO




1919 deployed to North Russia

13 October 1919 arrived at Chatham under tow from North Russia by HM Tug RETORT via Lerwick

February 1922 sold to F. H. Connor, London

December 1922 renamed WANDER by F. T. Everard & Sons and re-engined with a 2 cyl. diesel by Plenty & Son Ltd., Newbury

6 December 1922 at London registered as WANDER under reference 296/22 in the Registry Book

23 November 1928 sank in the North Sea on passage from Great Yarmouth for Hull with molasses. Five of the crew – Captain Herbert Constant, Mate Sidney Robinson, 1st Engineer Cecil Gordon Barlow, 2nd Engineer S W Gilmour and Cook Walter Wilson were each discharged dead