RFA Typhoon


RFA Typhoon



Subsequent name:                      P. Typhoon  Somalian Glory

Official Number:                          301095       

Class:                                         TYPHOON Class Salvage Tug

Pennant No:                               A95

Laid down:
Builder:                                       Henry Robb, Leith, Scotland
Launched:                                  14 October 1958
Into Service:                               June 1960
Out of service:                            1989
Fate:                                           Sold commercially



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Background Data:  This “one-off” vessel was completed as a replacement for the ageing wartime BUSTLER CLASS vessels and at her conception it seemed likely that she would be the forerunner of a whole Class of similar vessels, but this was not to be. The machinery arrangement of two diesel engines geared to a single shaft was an innovation for naval ocean-going tugs. Originally an RFA, she was fitted for fire-fighting, salvage and ocean rescue work with a heavy mainmast and derrick attached. She later transferred to the RMAS and was stationed at naval bases at Singapore, Plymouth, Portsmouth and Portland during her career


14 October 1958 launched by Henry Robb Ltd, Leith as Yard Nr: 460 named TYPHOON

12 November 1959 Captain H J Jones MBE  (Lieutenant Commander RNR) appointed as Master

June 1960 completed

25 July 1960 Mr R J Dunford RFA appointed as Chief Engineer Officer

11 April 1962 sailed from Chatham Dockyard into the River Medway

9 August 1962 when towing L20 moved from Sea to the Medway Buoy

1 November 1962 the Torbay Express & South Devon Echo reported …


1 11 1962 Torbay Express Typhoon


19 December 1964 arrived from the sea to the Medway Bouy towing a crane – the tow was handed over to commercial tugs

19 July 1965 with RFA SAMSONIA towed HMS ROBERTS from Devonport to the breakers yard at Inverkeithing, Fife arriving in berth there on 3 August 1965


HMS Roberts



23 February 1966 sailed from Sheerness Docks to sea

15 January 1967 arrived at the river Medway Buoy with HMS GAVINTON in tow

1 April 1968 Captain A W Jewers appointed as Master

21 October 1969 together with RN and RAN units involved in exercises in the Singapore Exercise area

22 October 1969 in the Singapore Exercise area with HMAS YARRA involved in live mortar firing exercise by the Australian warship

8 November 1969 together with HMS/m ONSLAUGHT, HMAS YARRA and a Shackleton aircraft of the RAF off Malaysia involved in the firing of a Ikara missile

27 July 1970 off the east coast of Johore took in tow a fishing boat SM 591 found to have broken down to nearby Palau Aur for repairs

24 March 1971 sailed from Hong Kong with RFA GOLD RANGER and HMS’s KIRKLISTON and SHERATON

1 March 1972 berthed at Simonstown Dockyard, South Africa

June 1973 alongside at Devonport

27 August 1974 at Devonport moved from No: 3 jetty to No: 4 jetty

22 October 1974 sailed from No: 4 jetty, Devonport dockyard to sea

6 November 1974 at Devonport moved from No: 3 jetty to No: 4 jetty

8 January 1975 at Devonport sailed from No: 2 jetty to sea

19 April 1979 entered Chatham Dockyard from the River Medway

25 April 1979 sailed from Chatham Dockyard into the River Medway

19 October 1979 underwent repairs at Falmouth Docks

28 December 1979 sailing from Plymouth was involved in the rescue of a Spanish Butane tanker mv Butaseis which was on fire and drifting towards Brixham, Devon. The crew had abandoned ship. A naval fire party and members of the Devon Fire Service eventually extinguished the blaze and she was towed into Plymouth

29 December 1979 the Newcastle Journal reported …


29 12 79 Newcastle Journal Typhoon 

4 April 1982 sailed from Portland for duties involved in the Falklands War with a RMAS crew. Was awarded a “Falkland Island 1982” Battle Honour. Captain J N Morris was in command

16 April 1982 arrived at Ascension Island. Refuelled at English Bay

21 April 1982 alongside HMS FEARLESS at anchor off Ascension Island

24 April 1982 off Ascension Island berthed alongside RFA SIR GERAINT loading fresh water

26 April 1982 sailed Ascension Island

2 May 1982 arrived at Tristan da Chuna sailing the same day for South Georgia

8 May 1982 arrived at South Georgia and berthed alongside at King Edward Point

9 May 1982 allocated task of raising the Argentinian Submarine Santa Fe

25 May 1982 ceased salvage work due to fault in salvage pumps 

27 May 1982 at South Georgia used (in part) to move elements of the Army’s 5th Brigade to the Ferry Norland

 RMAS Typhoon

RMAS Typhoon at the Falkland Islands

16 June 1982 sailed from the TRALA to Port Stanley, Falkland Islands

22 June 1982 at Port Pleasant to prepare RFA SIR GALAHAD (1) for tow

23 June 1982 towed RFA SIR GALAHAD (1) from Port Stanley, Falkland Islands to sea to be sunk as a war grave by HMS/m ONYX at 52°12.6S 56°45.3W. RFA SIR GALAHAD (1) is designated a protected wreck under the Protection of Military Remains Act

1 July 1982 towed STUFT ship British Enterprise III adrift 250 miles north of the Falkland Islands to Port Stanley

8 July 1982 berthed alongside RFA SIR TRISTRAM at Port Pleasant

9 July 1982 towed RFA SIR TRISTRAM to Port William and berthed her alongside STUFT ship Fort Toronto

21 July 1982 during a crew change Captain B M Stevens took command

3 August 1982 at Port William, Falkland Islands berthed alongside RFA REGENT

21 March 1985 left Devonport towing RFA RESOURCE (2) to Tyneside together with Roysterer

1989 after a refit was laid up at Portsmouth

May 1989 on the Sales List at Portsmouth

June 1989 purchased by Cantabra Metalurgica S.A, for demolition at Santander but was resold to Petros Shipping Co Ltd, Valetta for further service

4 July 1989 sailed Portsmouth under her own power, name unchanged

1989 renamed P. TYPHOON by her owners

1992 converted into a trawler

1993 renamed SOMALIAN GLORY by her owners

3 January 1993 was attacked by pirates in three boats and with automatic weapons. They fired at the ship. There were no reported injuries.

2002 deleted