RFA First Draft Wave Baron

If any RFA Veteran would wish to own an RFA Veterans Badge with the name
and badge of a ship on which they served similar to the example below please contact Chris White by the link at the foot of this page indicating the quantity of badges and the name(s) of the particular ship or ships so that an order can be placed with the supplier. One ship’s name and ship’s badge per badge.


The supplier charges 99p each with 90p postage for the first badge and with an additional 10p for each additional badge ordered and he will send the order directly to you. The badges cannot be sent internationally. The order and payment is made by you via e-bay. You cannot buy these from the RFA Historical Society. Please note that 10% of the final sale price will be donated by the supplier to the SSAFA Forces Help Charity

The list of the list of the 35 ships badges and the RFA Crest currently available and which can be ordered from e-bay – using the search category – 291154543064″, “291159034395”,  “301194208735″ or “301216407204” – are 


RFA Appleleaf (3)

RFA Argus

RFA Bacchus (3)

RFA Bayleaf

RFA Black Rover

RFA Brambleleaf

RFA Dewdale

RFA Diligence

RFA Eddyfirth

RFA Engadine

RFA Fort Austin

RFA Fort Grange

RFA Fort Victoria

RFA Grey Rover

RFA Gold Rover

RFA Mounts Bay

RFA Oakleaf (2)

RFA Olmeda

RFA Olna

RFA Olwen

RFA Pearleaf

RFA Regent

RFA Resource (2)

RFA Resurgent

RFA Sea Centurion

RFA Sea Crusader

RFA Sir Bedivere

RFA Sir Caradoc

RFA Sir Galahad

RFA Sir Geraint

RFA Sir Tristram

RFA Stromness

RFA Tidespring

RFA Tidesurge

RFA Wave Baron



An example of the RFA Wave Baron badge is shown herewith: –

RFA First Draft Wave Baron

If you require the badge of another ship please contact Chris White