RFA War Diwan Convoys

RFA War Diwan (War Class Oiler) 1919

Convoy                 Depart                                             Arrive

EN.69      Methil 9th February 1941 – Oban 13th February 1941
                (Detached to Scapa Flow with a cargo of FFO)

EN.55      Methil 7th March 1942 – Oban 10th March 1942
                (Joined from Lyness)

EBC.10    Barry 12th June 1944 – Seine Bay 16th June 1944
                 (Detached for Falmouth)

EBC.27    Barry 30th June 1944 – Seine Bay 2nd July 1944
                 (Detached for Portsmouth)

EBC.41    Barry 14th July 1944 – Seine Bay 16th July 1944
                 (Detached for Devonport)

FBC.31    Seine Bay 19th July 1944 – Bristol Channel 21st July 1944
                 (Detached for Milford Haven, then onward to the Clyde)

EBC.53    Barry 26th July 1944 – Seine Bay 28th July 1944
                 (Detached for Devonport0

EBC.73    Barry 15th August 1944 – Seine Bay 17th August 1944

FBC.60    Seine Bay 20th August 1944 – Bristol Channel 22nd August 1944
                 (Detached for Milford haven then onward to the Clyde)

EBC.86    Barry 28th August 1944 – Seine Bay 30th August 1944
                 (Detached for Portsmouth)

EPM.57    Portland 7th September 1944 – Seine Bay 7th September 1944
                 (Joined from Southampton)

TAM.19    Southend 15th December 1944 – Antwerp 17th December 1944

Whilst on passage to Antwerp on Convoy TAM.19 the ship struck a mine in the mouth of the river Scheldt and broke in two, 5 members of the crew were killed in the explosion.  The survivors were rescued by HMS Franklin and landed at Ostend.

The after part of the ship was in position 51 25’ 31” N  3 29’ 21” E and the forward part in position 51 25’ 45” N  3 29’ 37” E