Requisitioned Auxiliary – Lakonia




Official Number:                       111195 

Laid down:

Builder:                                   London & Glasgow Engineering & Iron Shipbuilding Co Ltd, Govan

Launched:                               24 April 1899

Into Service:                            15 August 1914

Out of service:                         4 September 1914

Fate:                                      15 May 1924 scrapped


Items of historic interest involving this ship: –


Background Data:  One of an additional group of ships requisitioned by the Admiralty during WW1 to augment the ships of the RFA

Career Data:

24 April 1899 launched by London & Glasgow Engineering & Iron Shipbuilding Co Ltd., Govan Yard Nr: 300 named Lakonia for Donaldson Line Ltd., (Donaldson Bros., Managers), Glasgow

June 1899 completed

21 July 1902 put back to Glasgow having sailed for Montreal suffering engine defects

25 July 1902 sailed Glasgow for Montreal

12 January 1903 at 24º34N 20º46W Fireman James Cappa discharged dead with stomach cramps

18 April 1903 at St John’s, New Brunswick Trimmer Robert McGregor discharged dead after suffering a blow to the head

24 August 1905 at Montreal Trimmer S Jackson discharged dead following an accident onboard when a steam pipe burst. 3rd Engineer Officer Alexander Smith discharged dead following the same accident and burst steam pipe at Montreal

30 August 1905 at hospital in Montreal 5th Engineer Officer Andrew Miller discharged dead with multiple burn and toximea – discharged to hospital on 21 August 1905

26 December 1905 at 47º58N 38º50W Able Seaman & Quartermaster George Gibson discharged dead – washed overboard and drowned

4 May 1912 at the Protestant Hospital, Genoa Able Seaman Henry Dewar discharged dead suffering from dysentery

15 August 1914 requisitioned for Admiralty service as a Squadron Supply Ship until 4 September 1914 – name unchanged

15 September 1914 to 24 October 1914 re-deployed as a Canadian E F Transport

1 November 1914 at sea Able Seaman William McCormick discharged dead – missing

13 December 1914 spoken to by the old 2nd Class Cruser HMS ISIS

11 April 1915 when on passage from Glasgow to Newport News spoken to by the old 2nd Class Cruser HMS ISIS

24 November 1915 at Sea Muleteer Louis Evans discharged dead from heart disease

23 March 1916 at Cheseapeake Bay met the old 2nd Class Cruser HMS ISIS

9 July 1916 at 56º3N 11º10W stopped by the Armed Merchant Cruiser HMS MOLDAVIA, boarded,  found correct and allowed to proceed

25 July 1916 in the St Lawrence River, Canada Horse Attendant John Cox discharged dead from heat apoplexy

1 November 1916 at 55ºN 14º6W when on passage from Glasgow sailing west sighted by the Armed Merchant Cruiser HMS HILDEBRAND – found correct and allowed to proceed

3 December 1917 at 0920hrs in a convoy from New York to England escorted by the armoured cruiser HMS DUKE OF EDINBURGH at 41º32N 57º08W suffered defective condensers resumed her position in the convoy at 12 noon

23 April 1918 at Hampton Roads Lieutenant Commander Michaelson Royal Navy of the armoured cruser HMS ROXBURGH joined for Convoy Commodore duties

24 April 1918 sailed Hampton Roads in a convoy of twelve ships for Glasgow

14 May 1924 arrived Genoa for demolition by Italian breakers