1940 – Operation Bonnet

Operation Bonnet was the British code name for a Royal Navy convoy from Alexandria to Malta. The convoy, MF2, which consisted of two merchant ships together with RFA PLUMLEAF (1) sailed on 29 August 1940 with the direct and indirect protection of a Royal Naval Force consisting of two aircraft carriers, one battle cruiser, three cruisers and sixteen destroyers.


RFA Plumleaf (1)

Cornwall 01

ss Cornwall

One of the merchant ships – the ss Cornwall was damaged but all three reached Malta delivering 40,000 tons of stores. On 31 August 1940 the Cornwall was hit aft by a bomb. This destroyed the ships steering gear, her W/T was put out of action, her guns were destroyed, she was holed below the waterline, her magazine blew up and a fire started which spread to her after hold. The fire was brought under control and the ship was steered by her main engines – the ship rejoined the convoy and reached Malta