General Service Medal 1962

General Service Medal 1962


Naval General Service medal 1963The 1962 General Service Medal was introduced to combine the Army and RAF General Service medals with the Naval General Service Medal.


BORNEO Awarded for service in Operations against rebels in Sabah, Sarawak and Brunei between the 24th December and the 11th August 1966 inclusive.

Eligible personnel include Royal Navy and Royal Marines as well as crews of RFA ships involved in these operations, who complete 30 days aggregate service afloat in the waters of Sabah, Sarawak or Brunei in support of Shore Operations

MALAY PENINSULAR This campaign was an extension of the conflict in Borneo, where British and Malaysian troops were operating against Indonesian Insurgents. The qualifying period was 30 days service in the Malaysian Peninsular – Singapore area, between the 17th August 1964 and the 11th August 1966.

NORTHERN IRELAND Instituted to personnel involved in varying operations in Northern Ireland. The general qualifying period was a minimum of 30 days service between the 14th August 1969 and the 31st July 2007. The 30 days service did not have to be composed of consecutive days, and if the period was cut short due to death or injury, then the completed days are counted as sufficient for the award of the clasp.

LEBANON For service in Lebanon and its surrounding territorial waters between the 7th February 1983 and the 9th March 1984

To receive this clasp personnel needed accumulated service of 30 days or more, not necessarily continuous, within the territory of Lebanon and its territorial waters, between the above dates, whilst on the posted or attached strengths of any regular Military, Naval or Air Force Unit or formation in the area, supporting the multinational force. This includes any RFA personnel serving in this campaign.

GULF For service between the 17th November 1986 and the 31st October 1988, and mine clearance operations in the Gulf up to the 28th February 1989.

KUWAIT For service in Kuwait between the 8th March and the 30th September 1991.

Eligible personnel listed for this clasp are the crew of RFA Sir Galahad.

N. IRAQ and TURKEY The qualification will be 30 days or more continuously, or three operational sorties in Northern Iraq west of 44 45 E and North of 36 00 N and Southern Turkey, including its territorial waters, East of 35 00 E and South of 38 00 N between the 6th April and the 17th July 1991.

Members of the Royal Fleet Auxiliary in support of Operation Haven and of such organisations as specified, who served directly with the Armed Forces between the above specified dates and in the specified areas.