Replenishment at Sea – training films





Training Films



In 1953 a series of Naval instruction films for the Admiralty were produced by Associated British Pathe. There were four on Replenishment at Sea and they are available to preview courtesy British Pathe from:


Please ensure your sound is turned on to hear the commentary and click on the film picture to provide a full screen image


                                                    Replenisment at Sea – Film 1

                                               (General principles and procedure)


                                                    Replenishment at Sea – Film 2 

                                                  (Transfer of solids by jackstay)


Replenishment at Sea – Film 3

(Transfer of liquids – abeam methods with large derrick rig, small derrick rig and jackstay rig)


                                                    Replenishment at Sea – Film 4

(General principles and procedure)