Requisitioned Auxiliary – Abbas






Official No:                            132628

Builder:                         S P Austin & Son Ltd., Wear Dock, Sunderland

Launched:                     7 October 1911

Pennant No:                          Y 3.224

Into Service:                  14 August 1914

Out of service:               16 September 1914

Fate:                            23 October 1941 destroyed by fire


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Background Data:  One of an additional group of ships requisitioned by the Admiralty during WW1 to augment the ships of the RFA

Career Data:


7 October 1911 launched by S P Austin & Son Ltd., Wear Dock, Sunderland as Yard Nr: 260 named Abbas for Stephenson, Clarke & Co., London


9 10 11 Shields Daily Gazette ABBAS


November 1911 completed

27 November 1911 sailed from West Hartlepool for Portsmouth with 1,900 tons of coal

23 December 1911 sailed from Hartlepool for Portsmouth with a cargo of coal

13 March 1912 sailed Leith for Portsmouth with a cargo of coal

25 July 1912 arrived at Portsmouth

16 August 1912 passed Dover sailing west bound

29 December 1912 arrived at Hartlepool from Portsmouth – light

4 February 1913 sailed from Hartlepool for Portsmouth

29 May 1913 sailed Portsmouth 

31 May 1913 arrived at Leith Docks from Portsmouth

22 September 1913 sailed Portsmouth for Newcastle

21 March 1914 arrived at Methil from Portsmouth in ballast

14 July 1914 sailed Methil for Rouen with a cargo of coal

18 July 1914 sailed Rouen for Methil

14 August 1914 requisitioned for Admiralty service as a collier until 6 September 1914

23 January 1915 in fog in collision with the steamer Nubia 8 miles SE of Foulness Buoys, off Cromer. The Nubia sank and the Abbas suffered bad damaged to her bow. No loss of life. The crew of the Nubia took to the ships boats and were rescued. They were landed at Yarmouth

25 January 1915 the Westminster Gazette newspaper reported …


25 1 1915 Westminster Gazette Abbas


13 August 1915 arrived River Tyne from London and berthed at Harton New Staithes

13 November 1919 arrived the River Wear from Portsmouth

18 November 1919 arrived at Seaham Harbour from Portsmouth

1928 owners now Stephenson, Clarke & Associated Companies Ltd., London – name unchanged

1935 purchased by Mme. Kadio G Sigalas, Piraeus and renamed Kadio

23 October 1941 suffered an explosion and was subsequently destroyed by fire at Suez when loaded with cased benzene