Requisitioned Auxiliary – Abisko


Abisko 02


 Abisko 02


Official No:                             5430

Builder:                         Göteborgs M. V. Aktiebolaget, Gothenburg

Launched:                    28 February 1913

Into Service:                 8 April 1918

Out of service:              24 June 1919

Fate:                            11 April 1943 mined and sank


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Background Data:  


One of a group of ships requisitioned by the Admiralty to augument the RFA during WW1


Career Data:

8 February 1913  launched by Göteborgs M.V. Aktiebolaget, Gothenburg as Yard Nr: 331 named ABISKO for Rederi A/B Lulea-Ofoten, Stockholm

March 1913 completed

23 July 1913 arrived at Lulea, Sweden from Burntisland

29 March 1914 berthed at Liverpool from Narvik

1916 sold to Trafik A/B Grandesburg-Oxelösund (M. Waldenström, Manager) Stockholm – name unchanged

16 March 1916 passed Flamorough Head sailing south bound

22 November 1916 arrived at Middlesbrough from Narvik

9 April 1918 time-chartered by the Ship Management Branch for service with the Commercial Branch as a Transport on a Norwegian service until 9 May 1919

10 May 1919 served as a collier until 24 June 1919

31 October 1919 re-delivered to neutral owners

20 December 1919 sailed from Immingham for Lerwick

14 April 1920 arrived at Grangemouth from Narvick, Norway with a cargo of iron ore

22 December 1926 berthed at Burntisland

23 December 1926 sailed from Burntisland for Narvik with a cargo of coal

3 July 1935 berthed the River Tees from Narvik with a cargo of Iron Ore

27 July 1937 berthed the River Tees from Narvik with a cargo of Iron Ore

5 January 1938 berthed the River Tees from Narvik with a cargo of 4349 tons Iron Ore

19 June 1939 berthed the River Tees from Narvik with a cargo of Iron Ore

9 January 1940 sailed from Norwegian waters in escorted convoy HN7 to Methil arriving 12 January 1940

5 February 1940 sailed from Methil in escorted convoy ON7 (Nor) to Norwegian waters arriving 8 February 1940

11 April 1943 struck a mine and sank in the North Sea in position 53°43N 06°01E when on passage from Rotterdam to Stockholm with the loss of one life