Requisitioned Auxiliary – Andrew A Humphreys


Andrew A Humphreys 


Official No:                            244370

Builder:                        Delta Shipbuilding Co. Inc., New Orleans

Launched:                    8 August 1943

Signal Letters:                      KTNB

Into Service:                WW2

Out of service:             WW2

Fate:                            29 July 1969 broken up


Items of historic interest involving this ship: –


Background Data:  One of a group of additional American ships which served as Escort oilers during WW2


Career Data:

8 August 1943 launched by Delta Shipbuilding Co Inc., New Orleans as Yard Nr: 1777 named Andrew A Humphreys as a “Liberty ” tanker for US WSA

25 September 1943 completed

26 November 1943 sailed Galveston Bar in unescorted convoy HK161 to Key West arriving 30 November 1943

15 December 1943 sailed New York in escorted convoy HK271 to Liverpool arriving 29 December 1943. Acted as one of three escort oilers in this convoy

5 February 1944 sailed New York in escorted convoy HX278 to Liverpool arriving 20 February 1944

21 March 1944 sailed New York in escorted convoy HX284 to Liverpool arriving 6 April 1944. Acted as one of four escort oilers in this convoy

19 May 1944 sailed New York in escorted convoy HX292 to Liverpool arriving 2 June 1944

4 June 1944 sailed Methil in unescorted convoy FS1473 to Southend arriving 6 June 1944

9 June 1944 sailed Southend in unescorted convoy FN1383 to Methil arriving 11 June 1944

16 June 1944 sailed Methil in unescorted convoy EN397 to Loch Ewe arriving 18 June 1944

31 July 1944 sailed Methil in unescorted convoy EN415 to Loch Ewe arriving 1 August 1944

12 January 1945 sailed Oran in unescorted convoy GUS65 to Hampton Roads arriving on 2 February 1945

1948 purchased by Keystone Shipping Co (Chas Kurz & Co Inc, Managers) Wilmington, name unchanged

1954 purchased by Seatankers Inc., Monrovia, renamed William R Tolbert and lengthened and converted into a cargo ship

1961 purchased by Hanover Steamship Corp, Monrovia and renamed Ocean Leader

20 July 1969 sailed Sakai after sale to Japanese breakers

29 July 1969 arrived Onomichi for demolition by Koshin Sangyo K K