Requisitioned Auxiliary – Athelduchess






Official Number:                      161088

Laid down:

Builder:                                      Wm Hamilton & Co, Glen Yard, Port Glasgow

Launched:                                12 February 1929

Into Service:                             1939

Out of service:                          1943

Fate:                                         30 August 1957  scrapped

Items of historic interest involving this ship: –


Background Data:  One of an additional group of ships requisitioned by the Admiralty during WW2 to augment the ships of the RFA

Career Data:

12 February 1929 launched by Wm Hamilton & Co, Glen Yard, Port Glasgow as Yard Nr 406 named ATHELDUCHESS for United Molasses Co Ltd, Liverpool.

April 1929 completed

10 May 1930 berthed at London from Curacao with 1 DBS

1939  requisitioned for Admiralty service and served as an Escort Oiler, name unchanged

21 September 1939 sailed Freetown in convoy SL2 to Liverpool arriving 7 October 1939

25 October 1939 sailed Liverpool in convoy OB24. This convoy formed convoy OG4 on 27 October 1939 and passed Gibraltar on 1 November 1939 thence she sailed independently to Tripoli arriving 11 November 1939

11 November 1939 sailed Tripoli and joined convoy HG8 to Dunkirk arriving 4 December 1939

12 December 1939 sailed Spithead joining convoy OA51 as far as Falmouth arriving the next day

22 December 1939 sailed Falmouth and joined convoy OA58 until it dispersed on 25 December 1939

21 January 1940 sailed Corpus Christi independently to Halifax arriving 31 January 1940

7 February 1940 sailed Halifax in convoy HX19 for Le Havre arriving 24 February 1940

8 March 1940 sailed Le Havre joining convoy OA105G from Southend. This convoy reformed on 11 March 1940 into convoy OG21and then dispersed. Sailed independently to Cienfurgas arriving 2 April 1940

5 April 1940 sailed Cienfurgas independently to Halifax arriving 11 April 1940

14 April 1940 sailed Halifax in convoy HX35 to Liverpool arriving 29 April 1940

29 April 1940 berthed at Liverpool with one stowaway

18 May 1940 sailed Liverpool in escorted convoy OB150 which reformed as convoy OG30 on 20 May 1940 and then independently to Curacao arriving 6 June 1940

10 June 1940 sailed Curacao independently to Bermuda arriving 15 June 1940

16 June 1940 sailed Bermuda in escorted convoy BHX51 which joined escorted convoy HX51 on 21 June 1940 to Devonport with a cargo of FFO arriving 1 July 1940

8 JUly 1940 sailed Devonport independently to Cape Town arriving 5 August 1940

7 AUgust 1940 sailed Cape Town independently to Abadan arriving 31 August 1940

1 September 1940 sailed Abadan independently to Cape Town arriving 25 September 1940

1 October 1940 sailed Cape Town independently to Durban arriving 6 October 1940

26 October 1940 sailed Durban independently to Cape Town arriving 30 October 1940

2 November 1940 sailed Cape Town independently to Freetown arriving 17 November 1940

21 November 1940 sailed Freetown in escorted convoy SL56 to Liverpool arriving 13 December 1940

17 March 1941 sailed Halifax in escorted convoy HX115 with a cargo of molasses to Liverpool arriving 3 April 1941

1 June 1941 sailed Halifax in escorted convoy HX130 with a cargo of molasses to Liverpool arriving 20 June 1941

24 May 1943 during convoy ON182 refuelled escorts on five occasions – source Admiralty War Diary page 284 of this day

30 July 1943 noted in the Admiralty War Diary of this day – page 1626 – that Athelduchess had been fitted to carry 60 depth charges

20 August 1943 radioed SOS that she was ashore on the Smalls. SOS picked up by Lands End Radio. The ship broke in two and the stern section was reported adrift at 038 degrees 5.5 nmiles from the Smalls. Salvage vessel Ranger and tugs Abeille IV and Abeille 21 sent to the wreck escorted by HMS Damsay. The after part was towed into Milford Haven and beached in Dale Roads. Source Admiralty War Diary page 549

1948  new forepart added, purchased by Partrederiet Milford (Yngvar Hvistendhal, Manager) Tonsberg and renamed MILFORD

1954 purchased by Societe Commerciale A Vloeberghs, Antwerp and renamed JEAN MARIE

1956 purchased by Cia Nav Mara Ltda, Liberia and renamed MANO

1957 converted to a bulk carrier, name unchanged

1959 purchased by Motorlines Ltd, Nassau and renamed BAHAMA COUNT

1962 purchased by A/S Asplund ( Runnier & Galtung, Managers) Moss and renamed RONGA

1964 purchased by Cia de Nav Victoria Neptuno S.A (The-Hu SS Co, Hong Kong, Managers) Liberia and renamed BILLY

1966 purchased by Cia Nav Pearl S.A (The-Hu SS Co Ltd, Hong Kong, Managers) Liberia  name unchanged

16 August 1971 driven ashore on Lantao Island, Hong Kong during Typhoon Rose and was declared a CTL. Was refloated and sold for scrap




8 November 1971 arrived Kaohsiung in tow for demolition by Taiwanese breakers.