Requisitioned Auxiliary – British Earl

 British Earl



 British Earl


Official No:                         112811

Builder:                         Armstrong, Whitworth & Co Ltd, Low Walker

Launched:                     8 December 1900

Into Service:                  June 1917

Out of service:               1918

Fate:                             March 1948 broken up

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Background Data:  One of an additional group of ships requisitioned by the Admiralty during WW1 to augment the ships of the RFA


Career Data:


8 December 1900  launched by Armstrong, Whitworth& Co Ltd., Low Walker as
Yard Nr 705 named PINNA for Shell Transport & Trading Co Ltd, London

March 1901 completed

1907 purchased by Petroleum SS Co Ltd. (Lane & MacAndrew, Manager) London

name unchanged

13 May 1911 sailed Gravesend to the Black Sea

June 1917 purchased by British Tanker Co Ltd, London renamed BRITISH EARL
and was requisitioned for Admiralty service

1918 returned to her owners

8 December 1918 at sea Chief Engineer Officer F W Parkinson discharged dead

having drowned

16 December 1918 berthed at Avonmouth from New York

15 May 1919 arrived at Newport News from Avonmouth

24 May 1919 berthed at New Orleans from Avonmouth

24 June 1919 berthed at Avonmouth from New Orleans

31 July 1919 berthed at Port Arthur from Cardiff

10 September 1919 sailed Port of London to Port Arthur

17 January 1920 berthed at Avonmouth from Norfolk, Virginia to discharge

3 February 1920 sailed Avonmouth to Port Arthur with 1 passenger. Captain William

Pritchard was Master

28 March 1920 arrived Pensacola from Avonmouth

5 November 1920 sailed Avonmouth

10 September 1921 off the Bishops Rock Lighthouse rescued the  crew of the American
Steamer ‘Western Front’  and transfered them by lifeboat to St. Mary’s, Scilly Isles after
the American ship caught fire
Fire at Sea

5 December 1921 sailed from Port Arthur, Texas for Avonmouth

30 December 1921 sailed Avonmouth

4 April 1923 sailed from Abadan for Swansea

11 January 1924 arrived at Abadan from Swansea

9 October 1925 sailed Port Said for Swansea

13 February 1926 while bound from London to Newcastle in fog off Lowerstoft in collision with

the Danzig registered steam ship Marie Therese which sank. No loss of life. All 23 of the crew

of the sunken ship were saved and landed at Grimsby

5 October 1926 passed Gibraltar sailing west bound for Swansea

2 January 1928 passed Valentia when on passage to Galveston

2 September 1929 purchased by Tankschiff Rederi Julius Schindler GmbH, Hamburg and


1931 purchased by Soc Anon Imprese Navali ed Affini, Venice and renamed TROTTIERA

14 February 1935 sailed Batoum for Naples

1938  owners now Soc Anon Transporti Marghere, Venice name unchanged

10 June 1940 was interned at Puerto Cabello, Venezuela

31 March 1941 was scuttled by her crew at Puerto Cabello and was taken over by the Venezuelan Govt

1942  was raised by the United States and renamed ORISSA

1944  served with the USN as the auxiliary MALVERN (IX138)

1 June 1944 & 2 June 1944 at Majuro Atoll, Marshall Islands with USS Gemsbok alongside to pumpover 10,304 barrels of fuel oil cargo

9 July 1944 at Middle Anchorage, Eniwetok Atol, Marshall Islands with USS Stansbury alongside being refuelled

17 July 1944 at Middle Anchorage, Eniwetok Atol, Marshall Islands with USS Stansbury alongside being refuelled

2 November 1944 at Ulithi Atoll Harbour with USS Cummings and USS Fanning alongside refuelling them



1945 name reverted to ORISSA for United States Maritime Commission         

March 1948 purchased by Asia Development Corp for demolition at Shanghai.