Requisitioned Auxiliary – British Valour

 British Valour



 British Valour


Official Number:                     149945

Laid down:

Builder:                                    Lithgows Ltd, Port Glasgow

Launched:                              31 August 1927

Into Service:                           1939

Out of service:                        1945

Fate:                                       1954 broken up 


Items of historic interest involving this ship: –


Background Data:  One of an additional group of ships requisitioned by the Admiralty during WW2 to augment the ships of the RFA


Career Data:

31 August 1927 launched by Lithgows Ltd., Port Glasgow as Yard Nr: 796 named BRITISH VALOUR for British Tanker Co Ltd, London

1 September 1927 The Scotsman newspaper reported …


1 9 27 The Scotsman B Valour Image


29 November 1927 completed

4 May 1928 passed Sagres when on passage to Abadan

28 July 1929 berthed at East Providence from Curaçao to discharge

10 February 1930 reported by radio the rescue of the crew of the British motor schooner Dorothy Baird at 39°.42N 53°.07W. The schooner had been found in a crippled and waterlogged condition. It had been set on fire before being abandoned by the crew. It was impossible to salvage and was a danger to navigation – details from Lloyds Casualty List

22 February 1931 at a position 340 nmiles SSW of Lands End took in tow the British tanker British Motorist after she had suffered engine failure while on passage from Abadan to Sansea – details from Lloyds Casulaty List

26 February 1931 arrived Swansea towing mv British Motorist

19 July 1934 when on passage to Hull reported she was 280 miles SW of Lands End

15 June 1935 arrived at Suez from Abadan for Oslo, Norway

2 February 1936 passed Gibraltar sailing west

4 June 1937 at Port Said in collision with an Italian ship Bolsena – both ships were damaged – details from Lloyds Casulaty List

18 May 1939 sailed the River Tyne for Abadan

30 May 1939 sailed from Port Said

1939 – 1945  requisitioned  for Admiralty service

9 September 1939 sailed Gibraltar independently to Kirkwall arriving on 18 September 1939  

24 September 1939 sailed Kirkwall independently to Methil arriving 27 September 1939

28 September 1939 sailed Methil in convoy FS12 / FN14 to Spurn Head arriving 3 October 1939

3 October 1939 sailed Spurn Head in convoy FN14 / FS 24 to Southend arriving 22 October 1939

24 October 1939 sailed Southend in convoy OA24G. This convoy reformed as convoy OG4 on 27 October 1939 arriving at Port Said on 8 November 1939

9 November 1939 sailed Suez independently to Abadan arriving on 21 November 1939

23 November 1939 sailed Abadan independently to Aden arriving on 1 December 1939

3 December 1939 sailed Aden independently to Abadan arriving on 10 December 1939

12 December 1939 sailed Abadan independently to Suez arriving 25 December 1939

26 December 1939 sailed Port Said independently to Gibraltar arriving 3 January 1940

5 September 1941 ran aground on the Shambles Bank

29 January 1942 suffered steering gear break down at Oversay Light 029 degrees 9 miles and radioed for the assistance of a tug. The tug Zwarte Zee was sailed by the F O I C Greenock with instructions to tow the tanker to the River Clyde

30 January 1942 radioed she no longer required assistance as it was anticipated that the steering gear was being repaired. Later signalted she was making to the River Clyde under her own power

4 January 1943 Carpenter Rowland H Philipson awarded the British Empire Medal (Civil Division) in the New Years Honours List 1943 – details published in the London Gazette of this day



Carpenter Rowland H Philipson BEM


11 September 1943 the USN Liasion Officer reported that the ss Exanthia (US) while sailing independently ran into the path of a west bound convoy and was in collision with British Valour causing extensive damage to the tanker’s bow while she suffered extensive damage to her starboard side forward of the bridge. Both arrived at the River Clyde on 12 September 1943 ss Exanthia, having discharged her cargo, entered dry dock for repairs.

7 April 1944 sailed from Kola Inlet in escorted convoy RA58 as Escort tanker to Loch Ewe arriving  14 April 1944

18 October 1944 sailed from Halifax in escorted convoy SC159 as Escort tanker to Liverpool arriving  2 November 1944

2 December 1944 sailed from Halifax in escorted convoy SC162 as Escort tanker with 60 depth charges to Liverpool arriving 17 November 1944

16 January 1945 sailed from Halifax in escorted convoy SC165 as Escort tanker with 60 depth charges to Liverpool arriving 31 January 1945

27 February 1945 sailed from Liverpool in escorted convoy ONS43 as Escort tanker to Halifax arriving 16 March 1945

23 May 1945 sailed from New York in escorted convoy HX358 as Escort tanker to Liverpool arriving 6 June 1945

26 January 1948 arrived at Suez from Abadan for LEFO

30 January 1948 sailed from Port Said

28 May 1949 sailed from Amsterdam, Holland for Abadan

24 May 1954 arrived Faslane for demolition by Shipbreaking Industries Ltd