Requisitioned Auxiliary – Campfield


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Official Number:                       102726

Laid down:

Builder:                                   Furness. Withy & Co Ltd., West Hartlepool

Launched:                               13 March 1895

Pennant No:                            Y.3.1730

Into Service:                           WW1

Out of service:                         1918

Fate:                                      Broken up 2nd quarter 1934


Items of historic interest involving this ship: –


Background Data:  One of an additional group of ships requisitioned by the Admiralty during WW1 to augment the ships of the RFA


Career Data:


13 March 1895 launched by Furness, Withy & Co. Ltd., Middleton, West Hartlepool as Yard No: 213 named Verbena for Verbena Steamship Co Ltd., (J Lilly & Co., Managers) West Hartlepool

April 1895 completed

1907 owners became Lilly Shipping Co. Ltd., (same Managers) West Hartlepool – name unchanged

1910 sold to L A Karistinakis, Andros and renamed Karistinakis

26 November 1914 when on passage to Venice with a cargo of coal stopped and boarded by the Armed Merchant Cruiser HMS CARMANIA – all OK and allowed to proceed

1915 sold to Cia. De Nav. Begona (J M Urquijo, Manager) Barcelona and renamed Begona No. 1

1917 acquired by the Shipping Controller and placed under the mangement of H Rees Jones & Co., Cardiff and renamed Campfield

October 1918 requisitioned for Admiralty service as a Collier – name unchanged

2 October 1018 re-deployed to the Commercial Branch as a Transport on the Norwegian service

1919 sold to Figuera & Campos, Valencia and renamed Madrid

1920 sold to Soc. Anon Na Espanola (M G de Moral, Manager), Barcelone – name unchanged

1923 sold to Cia De Nav. Amaya (C de Zabela, Manager,) Bilbao and renamed Imanol

1930 sold to J Velasco, Bilbao and renamed Mina Coto

2nd quarter 1934 broken up at Bilbao by Spanish ship breakers