Requisitioned Auxiliary – Cheviot




Official Number:                     97965

Laid down:

Builder:                                    Wood, Skinner & Co Ltd., Bill Quay

Pennant No:                            Y.8.63

Launched:                               25 April 1891

Into Service:                            28 August 1914

Out of service:                         10 August 1916

Fate:                                          1933 broken up



Items of historic interest involving this ship: –


Background Data:  One of an additional group of ships requisitioned by the Admiralty during WW1 to augment the ships of the RFA



Career Data:

25 April 1891 launched by Wood, Skinner & Co Ltd., Bill Quay as Yard Nr: 30 named Cheviot for Robert Mason, Newcastle

27 April 1891 the Shields Daily Gazette newspaper reported …


27 4 1891 Shields Daily Gazette Cheviott


May 1891 completed

8 July 1891 on the River Tyne while on passage to Hull, in ballast, in collision with the steam tug Favourite which was towing a raft. The tug was so severely damaged she sank, her crew being saved by the Middle Dock Company steam launch

24 February 1892 passed Gravesend on passage upsteam from Emden

16 June 1892 arrived London from Abbevile

8 May 1896 arrived Gravesend from Rouen

22 May 1896 arrived Gravesend from Rouen

10 July 1898 arrived Gravesend from Antwerp

1899 purchased by C Rowbotham, London – name unchanged

2 March 1899 arrived Gravesend from Guernsey

16 September 1900 while on passage from Troon to Plymouth and about twelve miles north of the Kish Light in collision with the Austrian steamer Najx Lajos which was on passage from Fiume to Glasgow. Slight damage to both vessels

10 August 1907 Royal Arsenal, Woolwich Steward Albert Rudolph Douglas discharged dead having fallen from the gangway and drowned

21 January 1910 sailed London

28 August 1914 requisitioned for Admiralty service as a Non Commissioned Miscellaneous Vessel employed on the Loch Alsh to Aberdeen railhead service until January 1916 – name unchanged – cost of hire £8 per day

25 December 1914 at Long Hope alongside HMS DRYAD delivering Naval Stores


HMS Dryad 1893



5 February 1915 at Hoy Sound alongside HMS CRESCENT delivering Naval Stores


HMS Crescent



January 1916 redeployed as a Stores Carrier

11 August 1916 redeployed on the Russain Government Service carrying Murman railway material – name unchanged

1920 purchased by Patrick Donovan, Wexford – name unchanged

1925 purchased by North Channel Shipping Co., Carnlough

1930 purchased by John Kelly & Co., Belfast – name unchanged

26 March 1932 while on passage from Workington for Colraine with a cargo of coal when aground in the River Bann and failed to be refloated with the assistance of the steamer Holyhead

30 March 1932 refloated (see above) with the assistance of the steamer Ben Blanche and discharged her cargo at Colraine. Damage, if any, not reported – source Lloyds Casualty reports

1933 reported broken up in Glasgow