Requisitioned Auxiliary – Dorset Coast


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Official Number:                        164303

Laid down:

Builder:                                   Ardrossan Dockyard Ltd, Ardrossan

Launched:                               9 September 1936

Pennant No:                            

Into Service:                           September 1939

Out of service:                        12 May 1943

Fate:                                     Beached and abandoned 6 August 1976



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Background Data:  One of an additional group of ships requisitioned by the Admiralty during WW2 to augment the ships of the RFA


Career Data:


9 September 1936 launched by Ardrossan Dockyard Ltd., Ardrossan as Yard Nr: 363 named Dorset Coast for Coast Lines Liverpool

October 1936 completed

19 November 1936 berthed at Dundee Harbour

5 December 1936 berthed at Dundee Harbour

15 December 1937 sailed Dundee

29 December 1937 berthed at Dundee Harbour

September 1939 requisitioned for Admiralty Service as a Stores Carrier – name unchanged

21 September 1939 sailed the Bristol Channel in escorted convoy BC4 to Quiberon Bay on the 23 September 1939

23 September 1939 sailed the Loire in escorted convoy BC3R to the Bristol Channel

 9 January 1941 was mined in the Bristol Channel at 51.24N 03.08W, brought to Penarth Dock and was repaired

12 May 1943 was bombed during an air attack at Algiers and capsized after damage from a near miss onto her side. Her Master Captain Archibald Storm was killed. He is buried in El Alia Cemetery in grave 12. H 4

April 1946 was raised, repaired and purchased by Societe Algierienne d’Armament Zagame, Algiers and renamed GALATEE

1953 purchased by Cie des Chargeurs Reunis and renamed KAA

1955 purchased by J Manners & Co, Panama and renamed ISABEL

1974 owner changed and renamed TERANG

1976 purchased by Lee Tat Investments SA, Panama and renamed POLY 1

6 August 1976 was beached and abandoned by her crew in the Gulf of Oman in position 25.18N 63.30E after she had developed leaks in bad weather while on passage from Karachi to Kuwait