Requisitioned Auxiliary – Duke of Cornwall

Duke of Cornwall


Official Number:                       109661

Laid down:

Builder:                                   Naval Construction &  Armaments Co., Barrow

Launched:                               23 April 1898

Pennant No:                            M.10 / M 1.05 

Into Service:                           August 1914

Out of service:                        14 November 1919

Fate:                                     1947 Broken up


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Background Data:  One of an additional group of ships requisitioned by the Admiralty during WW1 to augment the ships of the RFA


Career Data:


23 April 1898 launched by Vickers, Sons & Maxim Ltd., Barrow as Yard Nr: 264 named Duke of Cornwall for London & Yorkshire Railway Co., Fleetwood

27 April 1898 the Lloyds List newspaper reported …


27 4 1898 Lloyds List Duke of Cornwall


August 1898 completed. Carried 500 x 1st Class & 750 x 3rd Class passengers

17 March 1899 at Morecombe Bay Printer Thomas Arthington Fielden discharged dead from consumption

23 August 1902 in the Irish Sea passenger Miles Russell Ward discharged dead – believed drowned

17 September 1903 at Fleetwood Able Seaman Samuel George discharged dead from heart dilatation

12 April 1907 between Belfast and Fleetwood passenger Miss L Jacoby discharged dead – missing on arrival at Fleetwood

August 1914 requisitioned for Admiralty service as a Troop Transport – name unchanged. She carried troops across the Irish Sea

31 October 1914 requisitioned for conversion into an Armed Boarding Steamer and was commissioned as HMS DUKE of CORNWALL

4 December 1914 Engineer Lieutenant George Wilson RNR appointed as Chief Engineer Officer

18 January 1915 collied with and sank trawler Earl of Marischal 206 grt, 30 miles NE by N of Buchan Ness, one of the trawler’s crew was lost

23 March 1915 HMS DIGBY provided a prize crew

10 June 1915 sighted and challenged by HMS EBRO

30 September 1915 sailed from Scapa Flow

2 December 1915 at Busta Voe weighed anchor and sailed

21 December 1915 sailed from Scapa Flow

21 March 1916 arrived at Busta Voe sailing later the same day

4 December 1916 towing a target which was fired on by HMS ACHILLES

HMS Achilles


5 December 1916 at the Olna Firth examining a steamer

30 April 1917 at sea examining a steamer

2 July 1917 seen in the Olna Firth by HMS COCHRANE

8 July 1917 at the Olna Firth weighed anchor and sailed

19 July 1917 at sea and sighted by HMS COCHRANE

12 June 1918 Fireman W Hill MMR 919286 discharged dead – drowned. He is buried in Dundee Eastern Necropolis in grave MM 4 1763

November 1918 reverted to her Trooping role

20 February 1919 Engineer Sub Lieutenant P Thompson RNR discharged dead. He is buried in Bootle Cemetery in grave I NC 623

13 October 1919 Able Seaman James Henry MMR 586207 discharged dead – drowned. He is buried in Malta (Capuccini) Cemetery, Malta in grave Prot 451

14 November 1919 decommissioned, refitted and returned to her owners as Duke of Cornwall

1 January 1923 owners became London, Midland & Scottish Railway Co – name unchanged

28 May 1924 at Galaty Sailor Pietro Patne discharged dead from injuries sustained while onboard

12 October 1926 in hospital at Belfast Able Seaman John McGirr discharged dead from pneumonia

28 April 1928 purchased by the Isle of Man Steam Packet Co Ltd., Douglas, Isle of Man, was modernised and was rename RUSHEN CASTLE

1939 to 1945 remained on her Company’s normal route

20 January 1947 arrived Ghent for demolition by Van Heyghen Freres