Requisitioned Auxiliary – Empire Wordsworth




Official Number:                   169027

Builder:                                  Sir James Laing & Sons Ltd., Deptford Yard, Sunderland

Pennant No:                   

Launched:                              29 May 1942

Into Service:                           September 1942

Out of service:                        1945

Fate:                                         10 September, 1960 broken up


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Background Data:  One of a group of additional ships requisitioned by the Admiralty during WW2 to augment the ships of the RFA

Career Data:

 29 May 1942 launched by Sir James Laing & Sons Ltd., Deptford Yard, Sunderland as Yard Nr: 742 named Empire Wordsworth for the MoWT

1 July 1942 towed from Sunderland to the River Tyne

September 1942 completed under management of Hunting & Son, Newcastle and requisitioned for Admiralty service and served as an escort oiler, name unchanged

24 September 1942 sailed Southend in convoy FN822 to Methil arriving 26 September 1942

30 September 1942 sailed Methil in convoy EN144 to Loch Ewe arriving 2 October 1942 thewn joined escorted convoy ON135 to New York arriving 21 October 1942

24 October 1942 sailed New York in unescorted convoy NG316 to Guantanamo arriving 30 October 1942

30 October 1942 sailed Guntanamo in unescorted convoy GAT18 to Aruba arriving 2 November 1942

4 November 1942 sailed Aruba in unescorted convoy AW20 to Curacao arriving the same day

8 November 1942 sailed Curacao in escorted convoy TAG19 to Guantanamo arriving 11 November 1942

11 November 1942 sailed Guantanamo in escorted convoy GN19 to New York arriving 17 November 1942

19 November 1942 sailed New York in escorted convoy HX216 to Belfast Lough arriving 3 December 1942 with a cargo of Petrol. Fort Amherst, which was later to become RFA AMHERST, also sailed in this convoy between Halifax and St Johns only

4 December 1942 sailed Belfast Lough in unescorted convoy BB241 to Barry, South Wales arriving 6 December 1942

17 December 1942 sailed Barry, South Wales independently to Avonmouth arriving on the next day

20 December 1942 sailed Avonmouth independently to the River Clyde arriving 22 December 1942

24 December 1942 sailed the Clyde in escorted convoy KMS6G to Gibraltar arriving 6 January 1943

20 January 1943 sailed Algiers in escorted convoy MKS6 to the Clyde arriving 31 January 1943

11 February 1943 sailed the Clyde in escorted convoy ON166 to New York arriving 3 March 1943


13 November 1945 purchased by British Tanker Co Ltd., London and renamed British Lancer

1956 owners restyled as BP Tanker Co Ltd., London name unchanged

31 August 1960 sold for scrap

10 September 1960 arrived Briton Ferry for demolition by T W Ward Ltd.