Requisitioned Auxiliary – Ermine

 MFA Ermine 1912 6 15


 MFA Ermine 1912 6 15


Official Number:                     133068

Builder:                                 Fairfield Shipbuilding & Engineering Co, Govan

Pennant No:                   Y7.25

Launched:                              15 June 1912

Into Service:                           1915

Out of service:                        1917

Fate:                                     1917 mined and sunk


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Background Data:  One of an additional group of ships requisitioned by the Admiralty during WW1 to augment the ships of the RFA

Career Data:

15 June 1912 launched by Fairfield Shipbuilding & Engineering Co, Govan as Yard Nr: 486 as the passenger ship named ERMINE for G & J Burns Ltd, Glasgow

September 1912  completed

1915 requisitioned for Admiralty service as a Commissioned Fleet Messenger, name unchanged

8 August 1915 arrived at Kephalo Bay

6 September 1915 at Port Mudros

21 September 1915 sailed Kephalo Bay

1 November 1915 arrived at Suvla Bay

7 November 1915, 8 November 1915, 10 November 1915 and 12 November 1915 at Suvla Bay a working party from HMS GLORY on board

HMS Glory


18 November 1915 at Suvla Bay two Carpenters Mates from HMS GLORY working onboard

10 February 1916 arrived at Saloniki

2 March 1916 at Saloniki alongside HMS ARK ROYAL where her ratings were clearing stores

15 March 1916 sailed Saloniki

29 March 1916 at Port Mudros Lieutenant Woodhouse Royal Navy and one Petty Officer transfered onboard from HMS ARK ROYAL

13 May 1916 at Port Mudros berthed alongside HMS ARY ROYAL delivering Air Stores

31 May 1916 Lieutenant Matthew BOGGAN RNR, the ships Commanding Officer, awarded the Distinguished Service Cross – the citation said – “Has carried out the arduous duties of ferry service between Mudros and the peninsula, carrying troops and military stores, entailing constant moving and going alongside other ships, in a zealous and most satisfactory manner, the service being frequently carried out under fire”

29 July 1916 sailed Port Mudros

7 August 1916 sailed Port Mudros

16 August 1916 arrived at Port Mudros

26 August 1916 sailed Port Mudros

9 September 1916 sailed Port Mudros

20 September 1916 arrived at Port Mudros

7 October 1916 sailed Port Mudros

15 November 1916 sailed Port Mudros

23 December 1916 arrived at Port Mudros

30 December 1916 arrived at Port Mudros

3 January 1917 at Port Mudros

28 February 1917 arrived at Port Mudros

4 March 1917 arrived at Port Mudros

20 April 1917 sailed Port Mudros for Saloniki

10 May 1917 arrived at Port Mudros

12 May 1917 at Suda

26 June 1917 arrived at Port Mudros

30 June 1917 sailed Port Mudros

2 August 1917 struck a mine in the Aegean Sea laid by UC-23 while on passage from Saros to Mudros carrying
passengers and stores and sank in position 40.39 N 23.34 E with the loss of 24 lives. Those who were killed and
who have no known graves are remembered with pride on the Chatham Naval Memorial, the Portsmouth Naval
Memorial and the  Plymouth Naval Memorial
Those with known graves in the Mikra British Cemetery, Kalamaria are: –
Assistant Cook John Thurlow MMR in grave 1778
Fireman D Moore in grave 1980
2nd Steward Frederick McNab in grave 1893
Carpenter John Gowan in grave 1768
Thurlow JMoore D
 Courtesy and © of The War Graves Photographic Project