Requisitioned Auxiliary – F. A. Tamplin


F J Tamplin


F J Tamplin 


Official Number:                     135167

Laid down:

Builder:                                     Palmers Co Ltd., Hebburn

Pennant Nr:                             Y 4.12 / Y 7.90

Launched:                               6 November 1912

Into Service:                             8 February 1915

Out of service:                         5 December 1917

Fate:                                          Torpedoed and sunk 14 May 1942


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Background Data:  One of an additional group of ships requisitioned by the Admiralty during WW1 to augment the ships of the RFA

Career Data:


6 November 1912 launched by Palmers Co Ltd., Hebburn as Yard Nr: 824 named F A Tamplin for F A Tamplin Steamship Co Ltd., London

3 December 1912 sailed the Tyne for her trial trip

4 December 1912 competed for an already agreed 60 month charter to Anglo-Mexican Products Co Ltd.

31 January 1915 at Long Hope, Scapa Flow alongside HMS ESKIMO supplying 236 tons of boiler water and 40 tons of fresh water

5 February 1915 at 56.73N 7.93W signalled by HMS TEUTONIC answered satisfactorily



8 February 1915 requisitioned for Admiralty service as an Expedionary Force Transport carrying mainly fresh water – name unchanged – until 31 July 1915

15 February 1915 arrived Liverpool and immediately many structural alterations were made and she was fitted for the carriage of troops

1 August 1915 re-deployed as an oiler – name unchanged – chartered to Anglo-Mexican Petroleum until 8 December 1917 – name unchanged

1918 returned to her owners – name unchanged

1920 purchased by Meade-King, Robinson & Co Ltd., London – name unchanged

1921 purchased by Societe Anon. d’Armaments, d’Industrie et de Commerce, Antwerp and renamed Arminco

1930 purchased by Soc. Italiana Transporti Petroliferi, Genoa and renamed Lucifero1933 purchased by Soc Petrolifera Escercizi Marittimi, Genoa – name unchanged

10 June 1940 interned at Tampico, Mexico

8 December 1941 seized by the Mexican Government and placed under ownership of Petroleos Mexicanos S A, Tampico and renamed Potrero del Llano

14 May 1942 torpedoed and sunk by German submarine U-564 in position 25.35N 80.06W, off the coast of Florida while on an unescorted passage from Tampico to New York with the loss of 13 of her crew of 35. 22 survivors were rescued by USS PC-536 and were landed at Miami. Her sinking contributed to neutral Mexico joining WW2 on the side of the Allies