Requisitioned Auxiliary – Fullerton

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Official Number:                      133410

Laid down:

Builder:                                  Sir Raylton Dixon & Co, Middlesbrough

Launched:                              15 August 1912

Pennant No:                           Y 3.287

Into Service:                           7 September 1914

Out of service:                        WW1

Fate:                                       22 September 1958 broken up


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Background Data:  One of an additional group of ships requisitioned by the Admiralty during WW1 to augment the ships of the RFA

Career Data:


15 August 1912 launched Sir Raylton Dixon & Co, Middlesbough as Yard Nr: 573 named Fullerton for Denaby & Cadeby, Main Collieries Ltd., London

October 1912 completed

17 April 1913 sailed London for Pernambuco

29 October 1913 arrived Buenos Ayres from Barry

7 September 1914 requistioned for Admiralty service as a collier – name unchanged – until 30 January 1916

23 February 1915 signalled by HMS EDINBURGH CASTLE between St Vincent and Fernando Noronha

10 March 1915 arrived at Abrolhos Rocks and anchored

17 March 1915 sailed from Abrolhos Rocks

8 April 1915 arrived at Abrolhos Rocks and anchored

9 April 1915 sailed from Abrolhos Rocks

28 April 1915 sailed from Abrolhos Rocks

27 August 1915 at the River Plate alongside HMS MACEDONIA supplied 478 tons of bunker coal

HMS macedonia


30 August 1915 at the River Plate alongside HMS MACEDONIA  again and supplied 1081 tons of bunker coal. After casting off from HMS MACEDONIA Surgeon Russell attended an injured seaman onboard

31 August 1915 the injured seaman treated onboard the previous day removed to HMS MACEDONIA

31 January 1916 re-deployed as a Sugar Transporter until 5 April 1916

6 April 1916 re-deployed as a collier

1920 owners restyled as Denaby Shipping & Commercial Co Ltd., Hull – name unchanged

1924 purchased by E G Culucundis & S Costomeri, Syra and renamed Atlantis

1924 purchased by E M Michalitisianos, Argostoli and renamed Mikelis

1927 purchased by Rederi A/B Helsingborg, Helsingborg and renamed Consul Corfitzon

1948 purchased by Stallbergs Grufve A/B Rederi, Stockholm and renamed Stallberg

1954 purchased by Cia Naviera Estella Ltda, Puerto Limon and renamed Estella

1955 purchased by Seetrans Schiffagentuur Lange & Co, Hamburg and renamed Barbara

1956 purchased by Cia Naviera Estella Ltda, Panama and renamed Cora

22 September 1958 arrived Rotterdam for demolition by Simon’s Scheepslopperji