Requisitioned Auxiliary – G R Crowe

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Official No:                               123324

Builder:                                    Swan & Hunter, Wallsend

Launched:                               15 August 1907

Pennant No:                            Y 7.184

Into Service:                            2 March 1917

Out of service:                         1918

Fate:                                      1927 Broken up


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Background Data:  One of an additional group of ships requisitioned by the Admiralty during WW1 to augment the ships of the RFA


Career Data:


15 August 1907 launched by Caledon Shipbuilding & Engineering Co Ltd., Dundee as Yard Nr: 199 name G R CROWE for St. Lawrence & Chicago Steam Navigation Co Ltd., Dundee

September 1907 completed

11 September 1907 sailed Dundee

30 September 1907 berthed at Quebec

1910 rebuilt at Collingwood Shipyard, Collingwood, Ontario – name unchanged

17 September 1916 sailed Gravesend for New York

1916 purchased by G R Crowe Steamship Co Ltd., Toronto  – name unchanged

21 August 1916 sailed Philadelphia to London

2 March 1917 requisitioned for Admiralty service as an oiler hired at 10sh 6p per d w t

7 December 1918 berthed at Sunderland from Scapa Flow

1918 purchased by Montezuma Transportation Co Ltd., Toronto – name unchanged

3 August 1919 at North River Pier B. Jersey City, New York State Fireman & Trimmer Richard Fitzgerald discharged dead – drowned

Richard Fitzgerald

Fireman & Trimmer Richard Fitzgerald

7 October 1920 whilst under repair at the dry dock of shipyard of James S Shewan & Sons Inc at 27th Street, Brooklyn, oil vapours exploded in her forward hold which killed five men and injured forty others with a further three missing. The resulting fire spread to buildings near the ship. The ship’s Master was Captain Reginald G Green

Press CUtting Western Daily Press 9 10 1920

Newspaper cutting from Western Daily Press of 9 October 1920

27 August 1923 taken in tow by the British Steamer Olna after she suffered a defect in her boilers. The hawser parted and the tow was taken up by the American steamer Pensylvania – reported by the Lloyds Agent at Tampico

1926 purchased by Warner Quinland CO. New York – name unchanged

1q/1927 reported broken up at Baltimore