Requisitioned Auxiliary – Gartshore

Iberia 28


Official Number:                       81969 

Laid down:

Builder:                                   J Readhead & Sons Ltd., South Shields

Launched:                               24 April 1880

Into Service:                            1914

Out of service:                         end of WW1

Fate:                                       1914 sunk as a block ship


Items of historic interest involving this ship: –


Background Data:  One of an additional group of ships purchased by the Admiralty during WW1 for use as a Block Ship

Career Data:

24 April 1880 launched by J Readhead & sons Ltd., South Shields as Yard Nr: 159 named Saint Gothard for Cay, Hall & Co, South Shields

25 May 1880 signed her first crew at South Shields Mercantile Marine Office for Alexandria

May 1884 completed

1903 purchased by Iberian Steamship Co Ltd., (T J Whimster & Co., Managers), Liverpool and renamed Iberia

30 December 1903 passed Tarifa

20 April 1904 berthed on River Tyne

4 July 1904 arrived at the River Tees

26 September 1904 passed Gibraltar sailing east

13 July 1911 berthed at Princes Dock, Glasgow.  All work on this vessel stopped through a Union dispute

21 November 1911 sailed from Glasgow for Liverpool

24 May 1912 sailed Cardiff

1912 purchased by Gartshore Steamship Co Ltd., (T J Whimster & Co., Managers), Liverpool and renamed Gartshore

23 January 1913 arrived at Glasgow from Valencia, Spain

5 February 1913 sailed Glasgow for Genoa, Italy

16 March 1913 sailed Burriana for Glasgow

27 August 1913 sailed Valencia, Spain for Glasgow

7 November 1913 berthed at Glasgow from Almeria, Spain

20 January 1914 sailed from Glasgow for Marseilles, France

23 August 1914 at Hospital at Valencia, Spain Trimmer Archibald Allan discharged dead from Typhoid. Entered Hospital on 5 August 1914

2 October 1914 the Scotsman Newspaper published details this day of a writ issued by the Prize Court in the Admiralty Division of the High Court on 30 September 1914 …


SCOTSMAN 2 10 1914 writ High Ct Gartmore


1914 purchased by the Admiralty for use as a Block Ship, name unchanged

1915 scuttled at Scapa Flow as part of Churchill No: 3 Barrier in East Weddel Sound between Burray & Glims Holm Islands in position 58°.32N 02°.54W