Requisitioned Auxiliary – Glenturret




Official No:                              106031

Builder:                                    London & Glasgow Eng & Iron Shipbuilding Co., Govan

Launched:                               11 August 1896

Pennant No:                            Y 3.340

Into Service:                            14 August 1914

Out of service:                         26 July 1918

Fate:                                          Wrecked 26 July 1918


Items of historic interest involving this ship: –


Background Data:  One of an additional group of ships requisitioned by the Admiralty during WW1 to augment the ships of the RFA


Career Data:


 11 August 1896 launched by London & Glasgow Engineering & Iron Shipbuilding Co., Govan as Yard Nr: 287 named GLENTURRET for McGregor, Gow & Co, London (Glen Line)

September 1896 completed as a passenger / cargo vessel with 12 passengers

27 November 1896 at 3.41N 101.17E Able Seaman Laclan Nicholson discharged dead – fell overboard and was drowned

13 December 1897 arrived at Aden towing a Dutch steamer – Babalan with defective engines – the tow was for 640 miles

19 July 1898 sailed Port Said

11 July 1899 Fireman Fo Manfo discharged dead following an explosion and the bursting of a main steam pipe

8 October 1899 at 18.00N 47.07E Fireman Yuen Chong discharged dead having jumpted over the side at sea and was drowned

23 October 1899 at Greenwich Seaman’s Hospital No 2 Fireman Yim Fook discharged dead from beri-beri

26 March 1904 at Kowloon, Hong Kong Surgeon Jas H Menzies discharged dead from heart disease

5 May 1909 at Lady Strangford Hospital, Port Said Quartermaster & Able Seaman Frank Collins discharged dead from consumption – he had entered the hospital on 6 April 1909

12 October 1910 at 46.00N 07.30W Fireman Yan Ling Yan discharged dead from natural causes

15 October 1910 at the mouth of the River Thames Able Seaman Lin Che Farh discharged dead from beri-beri. On arrival at the Port of London the Master reported the crew had suffered from nine cases of beri-beri

1911 owners became Glen Line Ltd (McGregor, Gow & Co, Managers) London – name unchanged

12 May 1914 arrived at Vladivostock from London

14 August 1914 requisitioned for Admiralty service as a Squadron Supply Ship – name unchanged

26 August 1914 became a collier – name unchanged

12 September 1914 at Hebburn on Tyne Able Seaman Far Wong Ming discharged dead from heart failure

28 October 1914 entered Penang carrying Admiralty explosives for Singapore and Hong Kong

3 December 1914 arrived Yokohama from London

8 February 1915 passed St. Catherines Point, Isle of Wight when on passage from Yokohama

18 April 1915 when on passage to Yokohama passed Sagres

19 July 1915 sailed Hong Kong for London

7 October 1915 arrived at Hull from Vladivostock

12 January 1916 passed Karachi

22 June 1917 arrived at Sierra Leone

6 July 1917 attacked by German submarine U-155 east of the Azores but escaped by return of gunfire

25 August 1917 again attacked by an unknown submarine in the Atlantic but escaped

7 October 1917 at Suda Bay with HMS JED made fast alongside. Supplied 40 tons of bunker coal to the destroyer



26 July 1918 was wrecked at Cordemains, River Loire while on passage from Buenos Aires to Nantes carrying a cargo of grain