Requisitioned Auxiliary – Goldmouth

13 May 1903 launched by Swan & Hunter, Wallsend as Yard Nr 276 named GOLDMOUTH for Shell Transport & Trading Co Ltd, London

July 1903 completed and was laid up for a short period.



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Official No:                              118371

Builder:                                   Swan & Hunter, Wallsend

Launched:                               13 May 1903

Into Service:                            18 January 1915

Out of service:                         31 March 1916

Fate:                                      Captured and sunk


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Background Data:  One of an additional group of ships requisitioned by the Admiralty during WW1 to augment the ships of the RFA


Career Data:


13 May 1903 launched by Swan & Hunter, Wallsend as Yard Nr: 276 named GOLDMOUTH for Shell Transport & Trading Co Ltd., London

July 1903 completed and was laid up for a short period

14 January 1904 opened articles to sign on a crew at South Shields Shipping Office

20 February 1904 sailed the River Tyne for Port Arthur

3 March 1904 sailed Newport News

19 March 1904 berthed at Gravesend from Port Arthur

21 April 1904 berthed at Port Arthur, Texas from London

21 May 1904 passed Dover

26 May 1904 while entering Ymuiden in collision with the Dutch lugger Dina Cornelia. The lugger was beached full of water

18 March 1905 signalled off Ushant

23 April 1905 passed Dover sailing northbound

24 April 1905 off Canvey Island the ships cook Thomas Potter attacked two firemen – Johann Klingebiel and Reckoas – and inflicted such injuries that they were landed and admitted to the Victoria Hospital, Southend. Potter was taken into custody and appeared at Court later the same day and was remanded in custody

29 May 1905 arrived at Penang with two blades of her propellor broken. Divers were engaged

3 June 1905 berthed at Singapore

3 July 1905 sailed Hong Kong

25 July 1906 in the Red Sea Fireman & Greaser Osman Aref discharged dead from heat apoplexy

14 November 1906 sailed Cardiff

29 July 1907 owners restyled as Anglo Saxon Petroleum Co Ltd, London name unchanged

11 September 1908 at 13.35N 43.00E Fireman Hin Fook discharged dead from dropsy

27 September 1910 at sea Ordinary Seaman Leyman Bin Sohote discharged dead from internal bleeding

6 March 1911 at Singapore

11 June 1911 at sea Fireman Eusope Kan discharged dead from dropsy

5 May 1913 at Singapore

21 July 1913 at Lady Strangford Hospital, Port Said Greaser Asad Ali discharged dead from natural causes

18 January 1915 requisitioned for Admiralty service as an oiler, name unchanged

15 September 1915 at sea Quartermaster Lei Sin Qwan discharged dead from consumption

12 January 1916 at Singapore

6 March 1916 at sea Quartermaster Ching Ah Pye discharged dead from malaria

31 March 1916 captured after some six hours resistance and sunk by German Submarine U-44 some 60 miles WNW of Ushant while on passage from Tarakan to Falmouth with a cargo of fuel oil The Master, Captain R E Allison, was taken prisoner but the remainder of the crew landed at Penzance