Requisitioned Auxiliary – Gosforth

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Official No:                              106642

Builder:                                   Wood Skinner, Bill Quay, Newcastle

Launched:                               21 July 1898

Into Service:                            3 February 1917

Out of service:                         3 November 1919

Fate:                                      1933 Broken up


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Background Data:  One of an additional group of ships requisitioned by the Admiralty during WW1 to augment the ships of the RFA

Career Data:


21July 1898 launched by Wood Skinner, Bill Quay, Newcastle as Yard Nr 75 named  GOSFORTH for Burnett SS Co Ltd (Burnett & Co, Managers) Newcastle.

August 1898 completed

1903  purchased by L Possehl & Co, Newcastle and renamed ALTONA

1912  purchased by Harries Bros & Co Ltd, Newcastle and renamed GOSFORTH

26 July 1916 at Port Mudros berthed alongside HMS ARK ROYAL

12 August 1916 at Port Mudros berthed alongside HMS ARK ROYAL

28 October 1916 sailed Suda Bay, Crete to Malta in the company of HMS WONGANELLA

3 February 1917 requisitioned by the Admiralty for Commissioned service as a Stores Carrier and Fleet Messenger, for service with the British Aegean Squadron. Her name was unchanged.  Engineer Lieutenant Henry J Raman RNR appointed as Chief Engineer Officer

16 June 1918 at Perim Strait boarded by party from HMS PERTH and then allowed to proceed

11 December 1918 Able Seaman William Holton MMR 810230 discharged dead. He died of pneumonia and is buried in East Mudros Military Cemetery, Greece in grave VB 29

17 January 1919 Able Seaman Louis McIvor MMR 669951 discharged dead. He was drowned and was buried in Mikra British Cemetery, Kalamaria, Greece in grave 1267

29 March 1919 Lieutenant John Peter Downs RNR discharged dead. He is buried in Haidar Pasha Cemetery, Turkey in grave I.E.20. Natural causes

3 November 1919 returned to her owners

20 December 1931 while anchored at Gravesend was struck by the British steamer Sultan Star. The Sultan Star was undamaged and she continued on her journey. Details from Lloyds Casualty reports.

22 December 1932 at Port Talbot sailed with a cargo of coal to Rouen. Shortly after clearing the breakwater an explosion occured in the No 3 hold. Hatches were blown off, two men were injured, one seriously and he was removed to hospital. Local tugs went to her assistance and flames were quickly brought under control. The ship returned to port and was moored at Talbot Wharf awaiting inspection as to the extent of her damage. Details from Lloyds Casualty reports.

1933 reported broken up at Stockton