Requisitioned Auxiliary – Grantley


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Official No:                              127425

Builder:                                   Osbourne, Graham & Co., North Hylton

Launched:                               6 December 1907

Pennant No:                            Y.3.297

Into Service:                            10 September 1915

Out of service:                         WW1

Fate:                                      1944 bombed and sunk



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Background Data:  One of an additional group of ships requisitioned by the Admiralty during WW1 to augment the ships of the RFA

Career Data:

6 December 1907 launched by Osbourne, Graham & Co, North Hylton as Yard Nr: 139 named Grantley for Furness Withy & Co Ltd., West Hartlepool

February 1908 completed

10 September 1915 requisitioned for Admiralty service, initially as a collier until 1 February 1916 – name unchanged. It was then planned to operate her as a Decoy Ship but she was released as being unsuitable

8 April 1916 redeloyed as a collier until 26 April 1916

10 July 1916 redeloyed as a collier until 26 July 1916

9 November 1916 redeloyed as a collier until 8 December 1916

3 March 1917 redeloyed as a collier 

1921 purchased by A Capel & Co Ltd., West Hartlepool – name unchanged

1923 purchased by H Haeeison (Shipping )Ltd., West Hartlepool and renamed Kennington

1924 purchased by D/S A/S Saima, Bergen and renamed Blenda

1934 purchased by Rederi A.B Diana, Helsinki and renamed Diana

1941 owners became Rederi A/B Diana, Stockholm – name unchanged

194? seized by German Forces?

5 March 1944 was bombed and sunk by the RAF off North Borkum while on passage from Emden to Havringe with a cargo of coke