Requisitioned Auxiliary – Hannah


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Official Number:                     128827

Builder:                                 Tyne Iron Shipbuilding Co., Willington Quay

Pennant No:                   G 2801 / Y.3 845

Launched:                              21 February 1913

Into Service:                           28 August 1915

Out of service:                        1918

Fate:                                     11 November 1938 torpedoed & sunk


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Background Data:  One of an additional group of ships requisitioned by the Admiralty during WW1 to augment the ships of the RFA

Career Data:


21 February 1913 launched by Tyne Iron Shipbuilding Co., Willington Quay as Yard Nr: 186 named Hannah for Rahtkens Shipping Co Ltd Ltd., (Franz Rahtkens & Co., Managers) Middlesborough

22 February 1913 the Shields Daily News newspaper reported …


22 2 13 Shields Daily News Hannah


April 1913 completed

12 January 1914 arrived at Troon from Ballantrae

29 May 1914 arrived at Monte Video from Hamburg

8 October 1914 arrived at Brixham from Rosario

24 January 1915 arrived at Falmouth from New York when on passage to Rotterdam

8 August 1915 arrived at Las Palmas from Buenos Ayres when on passage to Leith

28 August 1915 requisitioned for Admiralty service as a Collier – name unchanged – until 9 October 1915

21 December 1915 re-deployed as a Collier until 29 July 1916

14 May 1916 & 15 May 1916 at Mudros berthed alongside HMS EXMOUTH and supplied her with 460 tons of bunker coal

HMS Exmouth 1906


23 May 1916 at Kephalo berthed alongside HMS GRAFTON and supplied her with 342 tons of bunker coal

30 July 1916 re-deployed as a Collier to Northern Russia for the Russian Government a/c until 27 August 1916

28 August 1916 re-deployed as an Expeditionary Force Transport carrying rails between the USA and France until 21 December 1917

22 December 1917 re-deployed as a Collier until 1918

1933 purchased by N V Stoomschip “Hannah” (F W Uitenbogaart, Manager) Colon – name unchanged

1935 registered in Rotterdam – name unchanged

11 November 1938 torpedoed and sunk by the Spanish Nationalist submarine General Mola six miles off Cape San Antonio while on passage from Antwerp to Barcelone with a cargo of grain during the Spanish Civil War