Requisitioned Auxiliary – Herbert L Pratt


 Herbert L Pratt


Official Number:                      215969

Builder:                                  Bethlehem Shipbuilding Corp, Alameda

Pennant No:                   

Launched:                              29 May 1917

Into Service:                           WW2

Out of service:                        WW2

Fate:                                     1947 broken up


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Background Data:


One of a group of additional American ships which served as Escort Oilers during WW2


Career Data:


29 May 1917 launched by Bethlehem Shipbuilding Corp, Alameda as Yard Nr 144 named HERBERT L. PRATT for
Atlantic Refining Co Inc, Philadelphia

February 1918 completed and was ordered to be delivered to the United States Navy

3 June 1918 struck a mine laid by U-151 off Cape Henlopen, Delaware and although her entire forepart section was
submerged she was salved and repaired

June 1918  while repairs were being carried out she was commissioned as USS HERBERT L PRATT

July 1918 sailed on her first voyage from the USA to Brest with a cargo of fuel oil for the American warships stationed there

January 1919  was decommissioned and returned to her owners under her original name.

1942 owners became US WSA, name unchanged.

WW2 served as an Escort Oiler, name unchanged

11 October 1942 sailed from Guntanamo in unescorted convoy GAT13 to Trinidad arriving 17 October 1942

30 October 1942 sailed from Guntanamo in unescorted convoy GAT18 to Trinidad arriving 5 November 1942

12 December 1942 sailed New York City  in convoy SC113 to Londonderry arriving on 2 January 1943

13 January 1943 sailed Londonderry in convoy ON161 to New York City arriving on 31 January 1943. Served as an Escort Oiler during this convoy
16 April 1943 sailed Halifax in convoy SC127 to Loch Ewe arriving  2 May 1943
17 May 1943 sailed the Clyde joining convoy ONS 8 to Halifax arriving 1 June 1943 and joined convoy XB56 to Cape Cod Canal arriving 3 June 1943
3 June 1943 sailed Cape Cod Canal independently to New York arriving the next day
13 June 1943 sailed Hampton Roads in convoy UGS 10 to Bizerta arriving 9 July 1943. RFA Empire Salvage was also part of this convoy
26 June 1943 USS Santee closed on the tanker to transfer medical supplies
18 July 1943 sailed Bizerta joing convoy GUS 10 to New York arriving 9 August 1943
13 August 1943 sailed New York independently
16 August 1943 sailed Hampton Roads in convoy UGS 15 to Bermuda arriving 21 August 1943 – originally planned for her to sailt to Mediterranean ports but she returned to the US with defects
27 August 1943 sailed Bermuda independently to Baltimore arriving 31 August 1943
20 October 1943 the US Navy received reports that the HERBERT L. PRATT had grounded on the vicinity of Five Fathom Bank. A Navy aircraft took off to investigate but reported negatively
1 November 1943 sailed from Guntanamo in unescorted convoy GAT96 to Trinidad arriving 7 November 1943

February 1946 was returned to the WSA Reserve Fleet and was laid up.

 Second Quarter 1947 arrived Baltimore for demolition by Patapsco Scrap Co.