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Background Data:  One of an additional group of ships requisitioned by the Admiralty during WW1 to augment the ships of the RFA

Career Data:


21 December 1906 launched by Grangemouth & Greenock Dockyard Co Ltd, Grangemouth as Yard Nr: 288 named Invergyle for “Invergyle” Steamship Co Ltd., (Stewart & Gray, Managers) Glasgow

17 January 1907 as the Glasgow steamer Clan Ogilvie was sailing from Dundee Harbour having taken onboard bunker coal she was in collision with the Invergyle which was alongside having her engines fitted. The Clan Ogilvie suffered no damage while the Invergyle’s propellor was damaged.

18 January 1907 entered dry dock at Dundee to repair the damage caused in the collision (see above)

January 1907 completed

29 March 1907 berthed at Whitehaven from Carthagena, Spain

26 July 1907 passed St Catherines Point from Sharpness

3 August 1907 berthed at Sunderland from Hamburg, Germany

15 August 1907 sailed Stettin for Sunderland

17 September 1907 sailed Sunderland for Stettin

29 September 1907 arrived at Burntisland from Stettin

19 October 1907 berthed at Hamburg, Germany from Newcastle

6 January 1908 sailed Porto Vecchio

27 January 1908 berthed at Aberdeen

21 February 1908 passed Sagres

5 April 1908 berthed at Cardiff from Glasgow

18 August 1908 berthed at Tayport from Oran

12 August 1909 sailed Hull for Cronstadt

17 January 1910 at 36.25N 7.00W Able Seaman Louis Lagasse discharged dead from inflamation of the bowels

4 September 1911 while on board Fireman & Trimmer Thomas Hodge discharged dead from fever

22 April 1913 at Oran Able Seaman Charles Rud discharged dead as the result of an accident

24 November 1914 requisitioned for Admiralty service as a Collier – name unchanged

12 March 1915 torpedoed and sunk by German submarine U-23 in the North Sea 12 miles NNE of the River Tyne while on passage from Scapa Flow to Hartlepool in ballast. At the time of her loss the ships Master was Captain David K Minto. The crew were landed at Blyth without loss of life

 Press report Daily Record 16 March 1915

A Press report from the Daily Record newspaper dated 16 March 1915. Note the German submarine crew were refered to as ‘German Pirates’


  1. her pennant Nr: was subsequntly allocated to ss Saint Andrew