Requisitioned Auxiliary – J Oswald Boyd

 J Oswald Boyd


Official Number:                     133540

Laid down:

Builder:                                   Bow, McLachlan & Co Ltd, Paisley

Launched:                              1 October 1913

Pennant No:                            Y 7.136

Into Service:                            6 October 1914

Out of service:                         WW1

Fate:                                        2 January 1937 destroyed by an explosion and fire


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Background Data One of an additional group of ships requisitioned by the Admiralty during WW1 to augment the ships of the RFA


Career Data:

1 October 1913 launched by Bow, McLachlan & Co Ltd., Paisley as Yard Nr: 287 named J OSWALD BOYD for Petroleum Carriers Ltd., (James Boyd, Manager) Glasgow

30 October 1913 the Scotsman newspaper reported …


30 10 1913 The Scotsman J Oswald Boyd


November 1913 completed

24 April 1914 at Tampico received a guard from HMS HERMIONE for the reception of Spanish refugees – flying the White Ensign

HMS Hermoine



10 May 1914 sailed Tampico with Spanish refugees for Vera Cruz  – white ensign lowed

6 October 1914  requisitioned for Admiralty service as an Oiler – name unchanged

8 October 1916 sailed Port Arthur for Dartmouth

1923  purchased by Pan American Petroleum & Transport Co Inc, Los Angeles name unchanged

29 December 1923  sailed New Orleans, grounded  but assisted off                        

1929  purchased by Gotham Marine Corporation, New York name unchanged

30 July 1935 arrived at Quebec, Canada

8 November 1936 wrecked on Simmons Reef, Straits of Mackinac while on passage from Indiana Harbour to Detroit carrying a cargo of petrol and became a total loss

2 January 1937 the wreck was destroyed by an explosion followed by a fire