Requisitioned Auxiliary – Killarney



Official Number:                  99966

Laid down:                          

Builder:                               Harland & Wolff, Belfast

Pennant No:                       YA14

Launched:                           20 April 1893

Into Service:                        1914 and 1939

Out of service:                     1919 and 1946

Fate:                                  Ran aground 1951 CTL


Background Data:

One of a group of additional ships requisitioned by the Admiralty during WW1 & WW2 to augment the ships of the RFA


Career Data:

20 April 1893 launched by Harland & Wolff, Belfast as Yard Nr: 271 named MAGIC for Belfast Steamship Company, Belfast

10 August 1893 completed at a cost of £65,000

1914 requisitioned for Admiralty service as a Hospital Ship based at Scapa Flow

20 January 1915 at Dunkirk, France Major George Hebden Raleigh, 4th Squadron, Royal Flying Corp discharged dead after “accidentally falling from his flying machine”. He is buried in Dunkirk Town Cemetery in grave I A 1

6 July 1915 at Firth of Forth Stoker 1st Class Henry Seaward from HMS NOTTINGHAM discharged dead from pneumonia. He is buried in Queensferry Cemetery in grave 1351

30 June 1915 the Pink List of this day shows her to be based at Leith

6 April 1916 at Scapa Flow Boy 1st Class Albert Frederick Dalton from HMS COLLINGWOOD discharged dead from Cerebal Spinal Meningitis. He is buried in Lyness Royal Naval Cemetery in grave B23

25 September 1916 at sea at 57.43N 3.51W Plumbers Mate Allan Hannaby from HMS EMPRESS OF INDIA discharged dead from acute mania 

1916 renamed MAGIC 11 to obviate confusion with the destroyer of the same name

June 1918 renamed CLASSIC

30 June 1918 the Pink List of this day shows she was based at Scapa Flow

13 February 1919 Senior Reserve Attendant Frank Bracewell, Royal Navy Auxiliary Sick Berth Reserve discharged dead – pneumonia. He is buried in Foulridge (St. Michael) Churchyard, Lancashire in grave S37

Bracewell F

from Senior Reserve Attendant Frank Bracewell, R N A S B R’s grave stone

1919 returned to her owners who retained the name CLASSIC

1924 was initially chartered and then transferred to City of Cork Steam Packet Co Ltd., Cork and renamed KILLARNEY

Killarney 11 900

ss Killarney

1931 owners became Coast Lines, Liverpool name unchanged. Entered service as a cruising vessel with cruises from Liverpool to the Western Isles and Hebrides which proved to be successful

1939 requisitioned for Admiralty service as a Transport – name unchanged

April 1940 assisted with the evacuation of the BEF from Dunkirk. Afterwards served as an Accommodation Ship at Rosyth

29 May 1940 Able Seaman Arthur Gott P/JX 168095 discharged dead. He is buried in Dover (St. James) Cemetery, Kent in Row D Grave 14

24 June 1940 sailed Southend in unescorted convoy FN204 to Methil arriving 26 June 1940

19 April 1944 at Rosyth Stoker 1st Class Daniel Jordan discharged dead. He is buried in Dunfermline (Douglas Bank) Cemetery in Section A grave 206

16 February 1945 Mechanician John Thomas Southall discharged dead. He is buried in Walsall (Ryecroft) Cemetery in Section 7 Grave 11

1946 returned to her owners – name unchanged and was laid up

1947 purchased for £23,000 by Bury Court Shipping Co (G Potamianos, Manager) Piraeus and renamed ATTIKI

1948 renamed ADRIAS by her then owners Epirotiki Steamship Co. Ltd., Piraeus with the same Manager

6 October 1951 ran aground on Falconera Island 80 miles south of Piraeus while on passage from Crete to Piraeus and was abandoned. Salvage attempts were initally made but …..

December 1951 declared a constructive total loss